10 Highly rated Chinese Drama for 2019

This year has been so much fun as many dramas kept us greatly entertained and we are fast approaching 2020. It is surely going to be exciting as many amazing Chinese dramas are in store for us.

But don’t miss the best Cdramas premiered for 2019 as we have cherry-picked a list specially for you.  Lets do it!

1. Untamed

“The Untamed” is a historical drama based on the five famed clans that ruled the Middle Kingdom. The Wen Clan rose to power over the other four clans. However, their overt control and stories surrounding their evil plans of destruction puts the other clans to worry. In all this, the happy-go-lucky Wei Wuxian originates from the Jiang Clan who is friends with the level-headed Lan Wangji from the Lan Clan.

They together uncover the truth behind the evil plans of Wen clan. Wei and Wangji decides to unify the other smaller clans into joining hands to prevent Wen’s plan from happening. But confusion sets forth in this new group and Wei’s reputation and integrity comes into question.

He decides to leave the fight, only to appear 16 years later. Find out what happens.


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2. The Kings avatar

The Kings Avatar is based on an online game called Glory. Players in the game gets to choose their avatars. Ye Xiu is an exceptional player of the game who was part of a pro team. He got kicked out of the same team due to an incident. He left the gaming world to take up a job in a Cafe.

Glory the game gets an update, another server is added due to popular demand. Ye Xiu cannot resist reliving his passion of gaming. He jumps back into the scene hoping to be the top player he used to be.

Find out what happens to his endeavor.


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3. A little thing called love

A little thing called love is a youthful romantic drama that follows Xia Miao Miao and Liang You Nian. They both compliment each other’s characters perfectly. Xia is just the typical high school girl who is simple and ordinary while Liang is the popular guy at the school who is good at a lot of things and music is his ultimate passion. One day, Liang quits from making music and even throws away his original musical tracks due to an incident in his life.

Xia who becomes aware of his decision, decides to help him out for that she takes musical training while also focusing on her studies.

Can she be the guiding light in Liang’s life to take up music again?


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4. Arsenal Military Academy

Arsenal Military Academy is about a woman called Xie Xiangwho applies to the army pretending as a man in place of her brother. During her training at the military academy she meets Gu Yan Zhen and Shen Jun Shan. Their training together leads to a bonding but Xie finds it difficult to keep her facade. She aces the training earning the respect of her associates. Two of her male colleagues becomes seriously close to her. They get posted to the northern border to engage in the war during which she unravels a huge mystery taking place.

Find out whether her identity is revealed? Will the conspiracy kill their careers and put them at risk?


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5. Le coup de fodre


Le coup de fodre is a romantic story between 2 high school best friends who shared the same desk since kindergarten . Yan-Mo is good at his studies while Zhao Qiao Yi is below average. They made a promise to study in the same foreign college after they graduate. However, when the graduation day came Zhao was not able to stay true to that promise due to her Family issues. Cut to Four years, they meet for their reunion and Qiao Yi decides to rekindle their old relationship. She follows him to the city he lives in. But to her shock, she finds him with someone already. He still harbors old feelings for her but is unable to express.

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6 Love and destiny

It is a fantastical love story between a God of war (Jiu Chen) and a young woman(Lang Xi). Ling Xi mistakenly wakes the God of war from his long sleep after he defeated the lord of demon ages ago. They begin to fall in love but Lang Xi realizes later that she has an evil curse upon her that could set free the lord of demon.

Jiu Chen decides against killing her and chooses to save her life. He trains Lang Xi under him to be battle ready.

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7. Put head my on shoulder

Put head on my shoulder is a coming of age story based on the life of Si Tu Mo. She is nearing her graduation ceremony soon and she is worried on what to do in life after that. She pursues a lot of things as a career but is unable to take a decision on anything. She thought she was fated to fail that is when she accidentally meets Gu Wei Yi who is genius physics researcher.

Find out what happens to her life.

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8. Go Go squid

Go Go Squid is a beautiful love story about a singer (Tong Nian) who has a crush on a geeky guy (Han Shang Yan). Han Shang is a computer professional and is known video gamer in his circle. At an internet cafe, He catches the eye of Tong Nian. Tong Nian run out of words every time she approaches him but she is calm and cool when she performs songs in front of thousands of fans. Girls are never Han’s interest but Tong’s cool persona gets his attention.

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9. My girlfriend is alien

“My Girlfriend is an Alien” is a cross-planet romantic space story about an alien female (Chai Xiaoqi) visiting Planet Earth. Her visit turns into a disaster when her signal device is misplaced as she is not able to contact her planet.  She comes across the CEO(Fang Lang) of a company who suffers momentary amnesia every time it rains. One of Chai’s unique attribute is to put her fan girl persona on to attract men for her survival. While Lang Fang is busy man who has a rare condition of forgetting people of the opposite sex every time it rains. These two poles-apart personalities meet and go through a lot of comedic circumstances.

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10. The legends

The legends is a fantasy oriented historical drama that tells the love story of Lu Zhao Yao who is the Demon leader of the Wan Lu Wen clan and Mo Qing who is the son of the demon King who harbors secret love for Lu Zhao under his cold attitude.

Lu Zhao takes a journey to recover the lost sword of the old Demon King but she fails in the mission almost killing her. She wrongly suspects Mo Qing to be the reason. With the passage of time, Mo Qing becomes the leader of the Demon cult and she decides to manipulate his love to kill him by giving him dangerous tasks to prove his affection to avengerfor her downfall.  But Mo Qing realizes that she is falling for him instead.

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Hope you like our best Cdramas for 2019 list. Do you think we missed any? Feel free to share your views and suggestions in the comments section below.

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  1. “The Legends” is one of the best Cdramas I have watched so it should be in one at the top but I also agree with the “The Untamed” to be number 1.

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