10 New And Upcoming K-Dramas To Watch In November 2019

November is here and we’ve got a nice selection of k-dramas premiering this month from light rom-coms to dark thriller. Hopefully they will bring a little warmth into the our lives and keep us entertained.

First, let’s take a look at 6 much awaited kdramas that are set to air in November 2019.

1.Psychopath Diary

An innocent company man (Yoon Shi Yoon) becomes a witness to a murder by a serial killer and an accident befalls him, leading to lose his memory. He wakes up from it but he has no clue of who he is but he finds a diary in his hands which belongs to the serial killer. This leads to him to believe that he is the killer. The cop (Jung In Sun), who was responsible for his accident, works closely with him to get to the bottom of the truth.


Genres: Thriller, Crime, Mystery
Episodes: 16
Air date: Nov 20, 2019 – Jan 09, 2020

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2. People with Flaws

Beautifully woven romantic comedy about two people, in this case, a man who is overly obsessed with his looks and a woman who has a strong dislike for flower boys end up working as a team to stand up for people with flaws.

Genres: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 32
Air date: Nov 27, 2019 – Jan 16, 2020

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3. Chief of Staff 2

The second season of Chief of Staff continues the story of people who pull strings from behind to accumulate power. It closely follows a political consultant (Lee Jung Jae) who is slowly rising to power and a female street-smart politician (Shin Min Ah) who is constantly trying to get through the system.

Genres: Drama, Political
Episodes: 10
Air date: Nov 11, 2019 – Dec 10, 2019

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Chocolate is about the romance between a successful chef (Ha Ji Won) and a famous neurosurgeon (Yoon Kye Sang) as they come together to give food at a hospice ward and heal their wounded pasts.

Genres: Food, Romance, Medical
Episodes: 16
Air date: Nov 29, 2019 – Jan 18, 2020

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5. Stove league

Stove league is a sport drama about a bottom ranked baseball team who hires a new coach (Nam Good Min) to help them win in the upcoming season.

Genres: Sports, Drama
Episodes: 32
Air date: Nov 22, 2019 – Jan 11, 2020

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6. 3.9.9 Billion Woman

9.9 Billion Woman is focused on a woman (Jo Yeo Jung) who quickly becomes owner of 9.9 billion won and sets out into the world with an ex police officer (Kim Kang Woo) to find out the truth about his sister’s death.
Genres: Drama
Episodes: 32
Air date: Nov 27, 2019 – Jan 16, 2020

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And for those who want to check out this month’s hot airing dramas, we have:

1.Everyone’s Lies

Everyone’s Lies is based on a woman (Lee Woo Young) whose met with a series of unfortunate events in her life – her father dies and then her husband is missing. This leads her to join the National Assembly to find him with the help of a detective (Lee Min Ki).

Genres: Suspense, Thriller, Investigation
Episodes: 16
Air date: Oct 12, 2019 – Dec 1, 2019
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2.Catch the Ghost

A newly on-the-job detective (Moon Geun Young) is part of a subway police team who has an extraordinary gift of sixth sense. The police chief (Kim Sun Ho) of her department is left with the job of covering up all the mess created by her.
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Investigation
Episodes: 16
Air date: Oct 21, 2019 – Dec 10, 2019

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Leverage is based on an ex insurance investigator (Lee Dong Gun) who leads a group of smart and skilled experts to rip money out of corrupt rich people.
Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Investigation
Episodes: 16
Air date: Oct 13, 2019 – Dec 1, 2019

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VIP takes place in an office set-up, it follows a group of employees at a department store who serves VIP customers and keeps their secrets as well. Casting are Jang Na Ra and Lee Sang Yoon.

Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Episodes: 32
Air date: Oct 28, 2019 – Dec 17, 2019

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And this is it!  Which dramas are you looking foraward to the most? Any dramas you plan to watch right away? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. For more ongoing korean dramas, you can find on our Korean drama page. Enjoy!

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