13 Korean Dramas You Need to Be Watching in May 2019

The year 2019 has already blessed us with brilliant masterpieces like “The Light in Your Eyes”, “He Is Psychometric” and “Touch your heart”. Luckily for us fans, it appears that the k-drama industry is all set to continue its glorious streak throughout the month of May. The line-up of releases that are to grace our screens this month seems utterly captivating; Other than that, the ensemble of actors and actresses associated with these productions make it clear that we, the viewers, are in for a treat! This article is written with the intention of keeping you guys within the loop so you don’t miss out on any of the gripping storylines and moving performances that will be airing this month. Following is the list of k-dramas that you definitely need to keep an eye out for this May:

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1.Absolute Boyfriend

Tags: Forbidden Love, Robot, Adapted From A Manga

One would think that we have had enough romance dramas where the protagonist falls for a robot because there’s only so much innovation one can bring to the rather redundant chaos that ensues when it comes to such plots. Keeping that in mind I was a bit skeptical about this k-drama, but as soon as I realized that Yeo Jin Goo will be playing the robot lead, it became obvious that one needs to give this drama a watch, simply because of how good of an actor he is. He will be joined onscreen by Minah and Hong Jong Hyun, who will surely be a treat to watch as well. The drama revolves around the story of a makeup artist (Minah), who, after struggling with her love life, ends up falling for Yeo Jin Goo (a robot).

2. Abyss

Tags: Investigation, Body Swap, Rich Male Lead, Prosecutor, Male Chases Female First, Switched Identities, Reincarnation, Serial Killer

I have watched quite a few episodes of this show and let me tell you this k-drama has all the elements that make a show worth watching. Incredible storytelling, breathtaking visuals, and actors who really know their craft. There is a deeply complex plot present beneath the humorous hijinks that the main protagonists often get entangled in. The story is about rebirths and magical glowing marbles, along with a cameo from one of my favorite on-screen couples. The plot might seem light-hearted at times, but it is one that is intricately connected with murder, revenge, and justice. The main leads Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seop both are reincarnated and find their appearances the exact opposites of what they once were, the two then embark on a quest to find out who murdered Park Bo Young, whilst also falling in love in the process.

3.Different dreams

Tags: Spy, Strong Female Lead, Doctor, Agent, Japanese Colonial Rule, Espionage

If you like historical dramas then you are sure to enjoy “Different dreams”. The show is set during Japanese occupation and revolves around the life of Lee Yo Won, who is a surgeon that later becomes a spy during the Pacific war in order to help the Korean government with its endeavors. The story becomes complicated when he becomes entangled with a resistance fighter (Yoo Ji Tae).

4.The Secret Life of My Secretary

Tags: Boss/Employee Relationship, Office Romance, Double Identity, Prosopagnosia, Adopted Child, Cold Man, Rich Male Lead, Poor Female Lead, Eccentric Male Lead, Blind Character

What’s a K-drama list without a series revolving around office romance? Not a very good list, that’s what. The Secret Life of My Secretary follows the general gist of similar Korean romances, where the cold, taciturn boss (Kim Young Kwang) falls in love with his secretary (Jin Ki Joo). If you feel that these sort of plots are redundant, think of “What’s wrong with secretary Kim” and realize that well-executed plots no matter how simple can result in brilliant masterpieces. So be sure to give ‘The Secret Life of My Secretary’ a shot!

5. Her Private Life

Tags: Hidden Personality, Boss/Employee Relationship, Idol, Pretend Relationship, Sismance, Best Friends, Stalker, Misunderstanding, Strong Friendship, Strong Female Lead

Speaking of “What’s wrong with secretary Kim” and well-rounded actors, Park Min Young returns to our screens with another series that will want the audience wanting more with every episode. Park Min Young’s character works as a curator in an art museum, this role brings back the professional woman vibe that Park Min Young carries off so well. However, she is not what she seems, our protagonist hides the fact that she is a passionate fangirl of an idol group she supports. Her job and her secret are endangered as the new director, (Kim Jae Wook), comes increasingly close to blowing her cover and exposing her for who she is.

6. Angel’s Last Mission: Love (One and Only Love)

Tags: Ballerina, Car Accident, Rich Female Lead, Angel, Heiress, Blindness, Blind Character, Idol Actor

Judging off of Shin Hye-Sun’s incredibly moving performance in ‘Still 17’, I think this series has a lot of potential. This k-drama is a fantasy romance series and revolves around a troublesome angel (L) who becomes involved with a blind heiress. The heiress played by Shin Hye-Sun’s is a broken woman whose dream of being a ballerina was thwarted due to inconvenient circumstances and in order to redeem himself and return to heaven, L must help find her find love. The situation gets messy when he realizes that he just might be falling for her.

7. Voice 3: City of Accomplices

Tags: Crime, Thriller, Leadership, Strong Female Lead, Tough Male Lead, Internet

This drama is different from the other dramas on this list as it provides a darker theme and a refreshing break from all the romances. Starring Lee Jin Wook and Lee Ha Na, this drama revolves around a 112 emergency call center, which has a specialized team that deals with rescuing citizens within a ‘golden window of time’ before they might possibly be killed.

8. Save Me 2 (2019)

Tags: Spiritual Father, Fake Religion, Pastor, Priest, Brother And Sister, Church, Sibling

This series is one that requires attention as the plot that it deals with is so wholly unique that I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Save me 2 is a psychological thriller which deals with a community that is endangered due to the presence of a pseudo-religious cult. Esom, Uhm Tae Goo, and Chun Ho Jin are some of the actors associated with this series.

9. My First First Love

Tags: Childhood Friends, Love Confession, Funny Male Lead, Nice Female Lead, Seconday Couple, Cheerful Male Lead, Secret Crush, Best Friends, Strong Male Lead, Smart Female Lead

My First First Love is a cute little drama about youth, love, and friendship. Though the season ends with what seems like a cliffhanger, the series is still definitely worth the watch. Due to several complicated reasons, a group of friends finds themselves moving into Yoon Tae-oh’s house, where they experience the rosy-hued emotions of youth and everything that comes along with it. This is an incredibly heartwarming drama, that is sure to make your heart thump.

10. The Nokdu Flower

Tags: Peasants, Siblings Relationship, Tough Female Lead, Badass Male Lead, Competent Protagonist, Strong Female Characters, Benevolent Mother, Wedlock Child, Manipulative Character

For those of you who prefer period dramas, The Nokdu Flower is a promising series that you really need to be on the lookout for. The series is set during the Donghak peasant revolution (1894-1895) and delivers a gutwrenching tale of two brothers that are fighting against one another on opposite sides of this rebellion. Cho Jung-Seok will be playing Baek Yi-Kang, the older brother who due to his mother belonging to a lower status tier is looked down upon by society. Whereas, Yoon Si-Yoon will be playing Baek Yi-Hyun, who is kind hearted and has the respect of every one simply because he was born within wedlock, unlike his older brother.

11. Mother of Mine

Tags: Competent Protagonist, Evil Mother-in-law, Naive Female Lead, Family Relationship, Office Worker, Married Couple, Smart Male Lead, Mother-Daughter Relationship, Huge Family

Mother of mine revolves around a family that owns a bean soup restaurant. The owner of the restaurant, Park Sun-Ja is the proud mother of three daughters, that are played by Kim Ha-Kyung, Kim So-Yeon and Yoo Sun. The drama itself seems promising due to the record-breaking ratings that it has already accumulated. The story is one of turmoil and struggle and depicts a woman who tries her best to give her daughters a life she never had. As we see Park Sun-Ja maneuver through life so that her children do not repeat her fate, the audience gets to witness an abundance of raw emotions and powerful acting.

12. The Wind Blows

Tags: Divorced Couple, Alzheimer’s Disease

The Wind Blows is a bittersweet and melodramatic tale of a man and woman who are separated and then reunited by the hands of fate. The story revolves around a man (Kam Woo Sung) who due to the fact that he suffers from Alzheimer’s decides to divorce his wife (Kim Ha Neul) who wants nothing but to have children with the man she loves. The couple part ways due to their tragic circumstances, but six years later, their paths cross again.

13. One Spring Night

Tags: Librarian, Pharmacist, Single Parent, Older Woman/Younger Man

The plot of this series deals with a couple and their complex emotions as they consider getting married to one another. As they look back at their relationship, Han JiMin (Lee JungIn) begins questioning their love and whether or not she is truly happy. She then meets Yoo JiHo (Jung HaeIn), a pharmacist and a single father, whose heart she manages to thaw.

It seems that the dramas that have aired this month are mostly romantic comedies, but after watching alot of them it has become increasingly clear that the series on this list are in no way lacking in substance. The performances are phenomenal and the plots are enticing, what more could one want from a k-drama? So be sure to check out these honourable mentions and spend the month surrounded by romance and warmth.

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