17 Sai no Teikoku (2022) Episode 2

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2 Comments to “17 Sai no Teikoku (2022) Episode 2

  1. i like this show. its thought-provoking; allow me to postulate some ideas

    who built the three AI ?

    whos money built it and for what purporse ?

    how is the AI powered?

    what source of information has it been fed and who fed it?

    the purpose of AI is to parse data efficiently and determine outcomes from that data.

    but as they say in the engineering world: “garbage in; garbage out”

    the inevitability of all this ‘utopia’ experiments, is to have AI run everything, and everyone live in pods

    they made a movie about it. its called The Matrix.

    you either have free will or everyone, all the time, forever.

    or you impose the matrix on people.

    and those that want to live somewhere inbetween, want nothing to do with either.

    someone’s money went into building it. and that purpose was certainly not to free the world of its woes.

    the premise here is that ‘japan is dying’ which is a good way to say

    ‘i want to build something to control people, with their own money, and soon when its back to normal; control everything’

    its the same trope for ever AI concept ever. because people trust that AI has their best interests, at their core programming.

    someone built the energy system to run it and its being fed by information, which is based on humans giving it ‘correct’ data.

    otherwise, it relies in perpetual inputs and outputs from humans, for a conceptual answers.

    if AI in that world can solve the food and energy problem. as an individual, once i have those answers, why would i willing choose to live with others?

    1. Judge 👩‍⚖️:
      If judges, persecuters
      1:Were elected  
      2:have immunity only to be broken by a vote 🗳 by the people 
      3:if all elections and votes 🗳 were held in numerical ground  stadium 🏟  show the whole word how many supporters .
      were no one can cheat.
      Were every nominee have his stadium in every state.
      A stadium 🏟 for yes 👍 and another for no in every state all the country in one definit hour all citizens stand on the numerical ground stadium 🏟 
      Could that empower people and stop ✋ cheating ??

      The other point of view is

      We need the judge 👨‍⚖️ to be honest so the system to work
      {can truly only a good systems by it self overcome corruption }???❓❗️‼️⁉️Please a sure me when am i on the wright track?

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