4 Sci-fi Romantic Korean dramas to watch out for(2019 Edition)

Who doesn’t love a generous dose of science fiction and romance and 2020 will be offering us many such dramas but before we foray into the new year there are a few futuristic sci-fi Korean dramas you should check out before 2019 ends.

For the lover of sci-fi romantic Korean dramas, we have cherry picked for you the best of the lot.

Lets Start! with the best sci-fi romantic dramas premiered in 2019:

1. Melting me Softly

Melting me softly is based on a science experiment gone wrong when 2 people are supposed to be in suspended hibernation (frozen) for 24 hours but ends waking up after 20 years. Since waking up, a side effect of the experiment  now requires them to maintain their body temperature at 31.5 degrees constant to be alive.  It becomes even more entangled when both of them start falling in love with each other (warmth can kill them).

People in their lives have gotten older by 20 years and times have changed that they face a lot of challenges.


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2. I am not a Robot

Ups and downs are part of everone’s life. Getting around your issues sometimes becomes the only way to survive. However in the case of Min Kyu, he has an allergy that is induced when he is around people. He develops severe rashes due to the allergy. So he makes it a point not to be around people at all. Instead chooses to be in his shell which is his house. However, out of desire for communication he gets a robot in his life called Jo Ji to accompany him when in fact she is pretending to be one. She is doing this to help Min Kyu overcome his challenge.

In the process, she starts falling in love with him and series of events follow them.

Find out what happens to their lives. Will Min Kyu find out about her and break away from his fear?

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Next are the dramas due to premier in December 2019, they are:

3. City of stars

City of Stars is a futuristic story based on a space exploration tasked to bring rare elements back to earth for its survival. Growing up, two childhood friends saw a dream together to explore the space one day. As adults, their dreams became a reality as both of them are enlisted as potential astronauts for a space mission to bring Helium 3 which is in high demand on earth. However, their friendship is put to test as they have stark differences of thought.

Find out whether they will be able to obtain the Helium? What will happen to their friendship?

Airdate:  Dec 31, 2019 –

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4. Love like a person.

Love like a person is a sci-fi romantic drama that follows the lives of two people. Goon Joon Hee work as a PE teacher in a school. She is in a relationship with man with whom she is deeply in love. However, the man in this case is a robot with AI. Her life goes for a toss when she finds out his memory is system corrupted and that he does not remember that he loved her.

Airdate:  Dec 31, 2019 –

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Hope you found our list interesting. Do share your thoughts with us. You know we love to hear from you and for that use the comments section below!

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  1. Hello ^^ Apparently the 2nd on the list; I’m not a robot; the picture used is from a different webdrama, while the video is the correct trailer video. Changes can be made so people like me won’t get confused ><

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