5 Top Historical Korean Dramas (2019 Edition)

Historical Korean dramas are everyone’s favorite. We get to go on a ride into the past and learn about the culture and customs with amazing stories from that period. Only a few caught our attention that entertained us this year which had action, romance and generous amount of mystery.

We have listed some of the best historical Korean dramas specially for the fan inside you. Be sure to check them out!


1. Arthdal Chronicles (3 Part series) –ย The Children of Prophecy, The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land and The Prelude To All Legends.

Arthdal is a three part historical series based on a fictional land with the same name.

Part 1 follows the story ofย  Eun Som who was born poor but he is destined to bring destruction to the kingdom of Arthdal. While Ta Gon is the protector of the land. He turned around the fortune of the kingdom with an ambition to be on the throne as King.

Part 2 introduces details in the life of Tan Ya who was sold as a slave by the people in Arthdal and had a difficult upbringing. She seeks revenge for her past. Meanwhile, Sa Ya who lives under exploitation in the high towers of Arthdal. What will happen when both these personalities come together to avenge for their past?

Part 3 follows the show-down between all characters. A power struggle starts. Find out who becomes victorious in this game?

Trailer (English subbed):

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2. Kingdom

Kingdom is set in the Joseon period. There is a spread of a mysterious disease in the kingdom while the king is turning ill. It becomes the responsibility of the Crown Prince Lee Change to uncover the mysteries taking place in his Kingdom. An opposition to his rule rises in the kingdom as they label him as a traitor.

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3. The Tale of Nokdu

Jeon Nok Du is an excellent swordsman who trained under his father and older brother. They lived in an island but his father enforced the law that no-one should ever leave the place. This deprived Jeon Nok Du to study in the main land. A group of female assassins set foot in the island and attacks the father and his older brother. Jeon Nok Du arrives in the mainland to hunt down the attackers. Meanwhile, Dong Dong Ju is an expert arrows woman who is on a mission to kill the King. Jeon Nok saves her from a threat.

Find out why they were attacked and what happens after that?

Trailer (Korean):

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4. My Country: The New Age

My Country: New age is set during the early Joseon dynasty. A difference of opinion regarding the kingdom sets two friends to point their swords at each other.

Seo Hwi and Nam Sun Ho are friends but very different in personalities. They fight for a common cause to safeguard. But their friendship is put test when a misunderstanding takes place between them.

Would they risk losing their friendship over a misunderstanding?

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5. The Crowned Clown

The Crowned Clown is a historical drama with a lot of twists and turns. Ha Sun is a clown living in the Kingdom who bears a similarity to the King in appearance. There is an imminent threat to the throne, the King who fears the risk of being assassinated appoints the clown as the impersonation of him at the throne. Ha Sun falls in love the incumbent Queen Yoo So Woon.

But will his true identity be revealed? Will he be in trouble for falling in love with the queen?

Teaser (English subbed):

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Are you happy with the list? Do you think we missed any? Share your views and comments below, we love to hear from you.

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