5 Top romantic comedy kdramas (2019 Edition)

For warmth and coziness this winter, there are some unmissable rom-com Korean dramas to watch our for. There were many dramas that tickled the funny bone this year, but what we have selected for you are some of the best Korean romantic comedy dramas for 2019 so far.

Be sure to check them out so you don’t regret later, don’t tell us we didn’t inform you!

1. Romance is a Bonus Book

“Romance is a bonus book” is a love story based on two people who were childhood friends, now in their 30s.

Chha Eun Ho is the editor in a publishing company. He is a bit short tempered but a nice guy at heart.

Kang Dani is an excellent writer who is going through a tough time who is in desperate need of a job. Due to her long career, companies find her to be overqualified every time she applies. Finally, she decides to lie about her experience and lands up a job at Cha Eun Ho’s company to have a new beginning.

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2. The Secret Life of My Secretary

“Secret of my Secretary” is a romantic comedy where the department manager (Do Min Ik) who works in a telecom company is diagnosed with face blindness. This condition makes him forget faces and leads to a confusion in his life. It is important for him to find out who his friends or foes are and to help him is his secretary (Gal Hee).

They start falling in love in their journey together

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3. My First First Love 2

My First First Love 2 is the followup to popular first season. It is a romantic drama that focuses on relationships and college life.  Han Song Yi is left with the difficult choice of picking her love between her new boyfriend and her childhood friend.

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4. Rookie Historian

It a period drama set in the late 18th Century. Male historians are preferred over female historians  due to a gender bias existing during that time. Despite the bias, Goo Hae Ryung one of the best historians in the kingdom who crosses path with the Handsome Prince Lee Rim.

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5. My Absolute Boyfriend

“Absolute Boyfriend” is love triangle between a robot and 2 humans. Dan Dan works in the movie making industry who is not interested in having relationships due to her past failures. She gets a robot named Young Goo who is programmed to act as her boyfriend. However, Young Goo takes on human characteristics as it develops emotions and falls for her. However, Dan finds an old friend from her childhood Ma Wang Joon who is now a famous actor in the industry. She starts to fall for him as a love triangle evolves  between the three.

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We hope you liked our must watch list of Romantic comedy Korean dramas in 2019. Did we miss any? Do share your comments and suggestions below. Love to hear your thoughts.

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