6 New Korean Dramas to Watch in March 2023

March brings a host of new K-dramas to our screens! We have a really nice variety to choose from this month too. So let’s take a look at the 6 of the most anticipated kdramas you won’t wanna miss out.

1.See You in My 19th Life (2023)

Ban Ji Eum possesses a remarkable talent, the ability to recall memories from all her past lives. After nearly a thousand years of reincarnation, Ban Ji Eum’s current life is cut short by tragedy. Determined to reconnect with people from her past, she sets out to find Moon Seo Ha, a man she met in her 18th life. Will her memories of her 18th life prevent romance in her 19th life? Or will love persist through multiple lives?

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Starring: Shin Hye Sun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Ha Yoon Kyung, Ahn Dong Goo

Release date: Mar, 2023

2.Oasis (2023)

Lee Doo Hak was born in a small city in Jeolla Province and had a clever mind. However, he was pulled into a tumultuous series of events that led to his involvement in conflict. He became a “political gangster” after experiencing a real estate fraud group and dedicated his life to avenging his father’s unjust death.

Genres: Historical, Romance, Youth, Drama

Starring: Jang Dong Yoon, Seol In Ah, Choo Young Woo, Do Sang Woo

Release date: Mar 6, 2023 – Apr 25, 2023

3.Delivery Man (2023)

The upcoming fantasy drama “Delivery Man” by Genie TV follows the story of two main characters: a struggling taxi driver named Seo Young Min, portrayed by Yoon Chan Young, and a ghost named Kang Ji Hyun, played by Minah. Seo runs a unique taxi service exclusively for ghosts and helps fulfill their desires during their rides. Kang, who is suffering from memory loss, unexpectedly finds herself as a passenger in Seo’s taxi.

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural

Starring: Yoon Chan Young, Bang Min Ah, Kim Min Seok

Release date: Mar 1, 2023 – Apr 6, 2023

4.Run Into You (2023)

Yoon Hae Joon, a young and skilled news anchor, and Baek Yoon Young, a stressed editor, are transported back to 1987. Yoon Hae Joon uncovers the truth behind a serial murder, while Baek Yoon Young tries to alter her parents’ marriage. Though their goals appear unrelated, they soon realize they are intertwined. As they navigate their mission, they learn valuable lessons about life and love.

Genres: Mystery, Romance, Drama, Sci-Fi

Starring: Kim Dong, WookJin Ki Joo, Seo Ji Hye

Release date: Mar , 2023

5.Romantic Guest House (2023)

Yoon Dan Oh’s comfortable life as the youngest daughter of a wealthy family is gone. Now, she’s the sole breadwinner and runs the Ihwawon Inn where many guests are scholars taking the civil servant exam. With Kang San, Kim Si Yeol, and Jeong Yoo Ha among her guests, they all have secrets. The group works together to uncover the mystery of Lee Seol’s 13-year disappearance.

Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Drama

Starring: Shin Ye Eun, Ryeoun, Kang Hoon

Release date: Mar, 2023

6.The Glory Season 2 (2023)

“The Glory,” written by hit writer Kim Eun Sook and released in December, is a story about a former victim of school violence who seeks revenge on her bullies by becoming their children’s teacher. Starring Song Hye Kyo as Moon Dong Eun and Lee Do Hyun as Joo Yeo Jeong, the drama also features Yeom Hye Ran, Lim Ji Yeon, Park Sung Hoon, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young, among others. Part 2, set to release in March 2023, will show the downfall of the school violence perpetrators led by Park Yeon Jin (played by Lim Ji Yeon) as they fall into Dong Eun’s trap.

Genres: Thriller, Drama, Melodrama

Starring: Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Im Ji Yeon

Release date: Mar, 2023

So that’s our roundup of the 6 popular upcoming kdramas in March. What dramas are you looking forward to or enjoying now? Leave us a comment below!

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