A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 10

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18 Comments to “A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 10

  1. what a wonderful movie woooooowwwww
    beautiful songggg

    but it thakes a long time to get a new episode 🙁

  2. OMG..I really love the leading man, although their age gap is to much, so what? but the chemistry? besides ages is just a number…
    And my little prince Se Jong I cried a lot from episode. 9 to ep.10i really really love their cas…

  3. Waaaay to big of an age gap to be an interesting romance. Might not be as bad if both were 10 years older, but her age is so young, it’s a bit pedophelia-like. As in dirty old man….YUCK! Their chemistry is zero.

    1. I agree the age gap is too much. She looks like his child. I get a bit ewww. But I dont think she is that young. She is 27…an adult. It wouldve been way worse if she was 20,

      1. Too much? It literally 14 year gap is that isn’t even a big gap it just because of the beginning of the story where they met as her being 13 and he 27 was unnecessary.. but I know they are just trying to make a story line but she’s literally 27 now and he’s 41 meaning they both an adult your literally making it sound like she’s a little kid but she 27! As I female myself I’m 22 but I find men older then me attractive.

      2. 14 years gap isn’t a big deal since they both are adults, you’s are acting like she’s a little kid when she’s 27 years old that’s an adult not a child and he’s 41 years old what’s the big deal? this isn’t pedophelia like you sicko people. THEY ARE BOTH ADULT DO YOU UNDERSTAND stop making it sound bad and Just the storyline of when they met when she was 8 and he was 27 was unnecessary asf and that’s why it mades you guys feel that type of way.

    2. Pedophilia? She is 26 ..Dirty old man at 40? No chemistry? You probably don’t know what it is..I see chemistry but maybe it is because of the “huge” age gap I have with my husband..?. It’s a show , what’s the point to be so judgemental..You enjoy it or don’t watch it..simple..

    3. Can’t you STFU ? when you know shit just close your damn mouth, you seems way too frustrated for a show like this one, and ffs learn what is PEDOPHILIA, it cannot be since they are BOTH adults you dimwit.

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