A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 13

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20 Comments to “A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 13

  1. People are too sensitive now about these plots. These plots have been used in classic movies for decades. Classic movies like The Sound of Music, My fair Lady and Roman Holiday to name a few.

  2. This “romance” is so gross. It’s like dirty old pedophile lusting after a teenager. Makes me feel the romance? NO! Makes me want to hurl. His love interest isn’t much older his daughter. Makes his character anything but a gentleman! And what’s with the young gal’s bio mom? Her orange hair and black eyebrows make her look like Halloween.

    1. It’s not gross or anything. It’s your thinking that is and it can be well understood by how your talk about the young girl’s mother. People can develop feelings anytime and it isn’t based on age, gender, colour or any such prejudices. Even if his love interest isn’t much older than his daughter, she is anyway an adult and capable enough of understanding what she feels and taking her own decisions. Also, he isn’t forcing anything upon her. It’s based on mutual consent. So, there is nothing wrong with this romance and he isn’t some dirty old paedophile nor is the girl underage or teenager.

    2. then stop watching it, and find something else to watch. if you don’t got anything nice to say then shut it its that simple.

    3. It’s not gross or anything! Your mentality is though nad that shows by the way you speak about the young girl’s biological mother. Also, that girl isn’t a teenager. She is an adult and is capable of knowing what she feels and can take decisions on her own. He didn’t force anything upon her. Both of them love and respect each other despite their age gap.

    4. @Glee Its not your thing and its okay…. But if you reached episode 13 it means you have something that kept you glued. Whatever it is you should have also mentioned it. Your post makes it look like its a bad drama. Which is not. I have watched the guy who you are calling “dirty old pedophile” and he is not as gross as you make it seem. You can watch “lonely enough to love” at least in that show he is not as gross as you have described him. And i checked their age difference. The girl is 25 and the dude is 36, which is an age difference of 11 years. That is not bad, especially for a lady and a gent. But again, it can be maybe this is shunned in your country that’s why you hold a very strong opinion. But I like the drama and so does many other people here. But am also trying to get your point of view. Okay, the girl do seem to look like she is some sort of teenager. But that’s just the looks, trust me she is old enough and compatible with guy.

      1. @bliss I gree with you
        Age is nothing but a number and they have also grown up
        Me I like the movie ooo🥺🥺🥺nothing can stop me from watching it cause is fucking interesting

    5. Then why are you still watching it? She’s not a teenager, she’s 27. The age gap is 14. Yet you wouldn’t question a couple that’s 75 and 89 years old. As long as both people in a relationship consent to it and are legal then there shouldn’t be a problem. She’s literally a woman, she can do what she wants. I understand it’s your opinion but if you’re complaining about the age gap in the 13th episode then you purposely want to be rude. If you were sharing your opinion respectfully, you would have commented in the 1st episode and stopped watching the series. Simple.

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