A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 20

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11 Comments to “A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 20

  1. This drama should be release everyday
    50 ep and you guys are releasing it twice a week
    That’s bad by March 2022
    I know we will finish this drama

    1. The site doesnt publish the drama tho buddy, they follow what Korea have on TV

      The Drama will end around September 2022, not March

      1. @Dosim in a month, 8 episodes are produced. and we are in the 20th episode and from now till march (3months) it will be 24 episodes. By the end of this month, they will be on the 26th episode. So add 26+24=50… So yes, the show will end on march 2022. @ IRE is not wrong

        1. @bliss

          Well i don’t know for the production but they delayed two week for a covid issue in november, and they probably will take a break for the holiday, filming and being on TV, dunno if Korean Drama does the Holiday break, but March would probably be way too short, May or June maybe then

  2. Here some reviews after 20 episodes, kinda liking it, but at the same times i’m confused with the current arc and how they can write what could happen next without being cringe, dull, boring or even a total mess for a while before trying to put a happy ending outta nowhere.

    This amnesia arc is running way too long.

    I get they want to have enough content and drama for the entire 50 episodes but i don’t think that’s the way to make the episodes interesting in a long terms plan, i kinda bet they are gonna put Dan Dan with another male character for some times, Young Guk will probably recover his memories just before the wedding and ditch Sa Ra, then proceed to try to win Dan Dan back, but if they do that that’s will be cringy cliché af.

    Hope they ditch that arc soon enough, otherwise the story itself will suffer from a really poor arc and logique construction, at least the others narrative are still interesting, we should get payback for the mothers around episodes 30’s if they want thems to get enough times to changes theirs behaviors.

    Overall if they handle how Young Guk recover his memories and how he will handle the aftermath, like for exemple getting Sa Ra, his “mom” etc in court for manipulation, it can be really a nice feels good moment or a total mess with bs and nonsense everywhere.

    (Who else think Dan Dan’s gonna pull a magic “well Anna, i aint gonna go to us since *put yikes excuse here* ! ” ? pretty sure if she’s going there Young Guk’s gonna take the first flight to get her back tho hahahaha)

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