A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 42

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14 Comments to “A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 42

  1. bro come on Sa ra is only hurting her herself n I taught this memory shit is over like bro but I’m wondering if sa ra gonna admit lee se jong is her son plus when Mr lee lost his memory his whole interest was in Dan Dan like he’s in love with Dan Dan with or without memory. Sa ra needs to chill and settle down with Dan Dan uncle who truly loves her for some reason n she does to but he’s poor n she wants to marry a rich man which is Mr lee

  2. NO, enough of the lost memory thing. It has been torture enough already. So many episodes on age 22, then later “I forgot I remembered I forgot”

    Dan Dan is not the only one being tortured.

  3. the writers don’t see that they are kiling the serie, with so many garbage ???????????????????? memory again and mrs.cho , too again ?????????????????????????????????

  4. Not the useless memory drama again my gosh. And when sa ra get pregnant. Isnt she tired of tge games. Dont they realize that the truth comes out.

  5. How did the chairman and his wife end up with Sejong? I donʻt think the chairman NEVER slept with that flower lady when he referred to 22 BUT I do think she slept with the driver, DDʻs Uncle, right? The chair wasnʻt interested in her…when he was his regular self, showed interest in her at 22, BUT was attracted to DD.

    Story line getting stupid AGAIN.

    1. Sa ra dropped him at their gate and came back to be the house manager/nanny so she practically raised him. But how on earth is she even pregnant when chairman never slept with her?

      1. Well she is pregnant from Cha Gun, since they slept when she was drunk as hell after being rejected by Young Guk, i think the couples are going to be settle soon, Gun with Sa Ra, the two who are cousins, Se Ryeon with Dae Bum, Dan Dan and Young Guk, even Anna Kim and Cho Sul could be a couple

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