A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 43

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12 Comments to “A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 43

  1. oh dear, what is this? I hate this drama, especially the story of 2 main characters, where they get this kind of story, I am just waiting for DaeBum/ Seryeon, Sara/Gun and Miri,/Juno’s Love story. I will just wait for the final episode. see you on a final episode by the staff of this drama! hahahaa

  2. What kind of 💩 is this? I know home girl is desperate to be rich but forcing a man to stay for a child and on top not even his kid, man tha is low

  3. WTF 🤬 whyyy they are so many ups and downs as soon as they get together something bad will happen butt at least 7 ep left and this will end, the frustration that this drama has 😒😩
    😂 guys I would better watch a Cdrama then this stupid dama

  4. I hope cha gun realizes he needs to step up. But from the preview I can see he doesn’t. This is beyond messed up of sa ra to do. And whats worse is that even when he remembers everything she wont get the proper punishment that she deserves for messing with peoples lives. Smh if i wasnt so invested in this I would’ve stopped watching long.

  5. yes, i’m irritated too ! the writers are idiots to continue doing this things ! i’m very hungry ! pearhaps i’ll see only in the final, because i don’t want to be so irritated

  6. After watching today’s episode I’m more irritated and
    frustrated. I really hate the writers, producers and Sa
    Ra!!!! The just want to keep us torturing us with this
    malparida bit.. of Sara.
    She is the worst human being. She is completely
    delirious, delusional and obsessive. I was predicting this
    pregnancy crap a long time ago but I never imagined
    that they would really use it. How is possible to bring a
    pregnancy when Young Guk was discussed with SaRa
    so he couldn’t even kissed her and pushed her to the
    floor. Why they just bring those little pieces of his
    memory whe he almost kiss her. WHYYYY????? I’m
    truly annoyed whit these new Sa Ra’s scheme!!
    She is Machiavellian!! She only deserves to be dead or
    at least she needs to have a miscarriage and be dumped
    by Cho Gun and end up alone and living a miserable life!
    #KBS #KBSDRAMA I just hope that your ratings for this
    drama drop to the floor. Seriously we have been
    watching this drama for 40 episodes and you couldn’t
    have more imagination and a realistic perspective for the development of the drama!

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