A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 44

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15 Comments to “A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 44

  1. in episode 29, Sa Ra fell because of the banana peel prank setup by Se Chan & Se Jong. She should have a miscarriage at that time!

  2. This would have been one of the best dramas if it was executed correctly. We all fell in love with the characters but seriously the way things gets dragged out . But i will continue to watch as i have invested too many hours in this already. I wonder how many episodes are left as there is so many things still to unravel.

  3. How long will Sa ra’s mom keep hiding about the gold she stole and when will Ms Wang finds out she’s the one who stole the gold? Is the writer just going to ignore that part forever? It’s been episode 44 and she hasn’t been caught yet…Na wa oo! Can the writer stop with the memory thing already? No one has amnesia twice🤦🏽‍♀️He should just remember everything and end everything with her. When will she file an action for her son Se jong since she desperately wants to live with him? The movie just keeps getting annoying and disgusting every time. I hope it end well though!

  4. Seriously Young Guk is so stupid and gullible. He could perfectly ask for a prenatal paternity test or at least say that he is never coming back with that bitch of Sa Ra, that he only taking responsibility of the baby 🤬

    1. Most women don’t like doing paternity test. Especially, when they are pregnant. It will make her think you are denying the baby. Also she might hold a grudge on you for a very long time. What about the child? she may use that against you with your child. And what if you decide to do the prenatal paternity test and it comes out positive that it is your child. It will be more embarrassing on your part as a father. I know it is a drama but imagine if that’s you. Your boyfriend gets you pregnant and asks for a paternity test. You will feel betrayed. So the best way is to play along until the baby comes along. After that, you can do a paternity test. I don’t think you will need permission. You can do it secretly. It’s better not to raise suspicions until you are sure of things.

  5. This Sara’s character reminds me of Cuckoo Bird in the animal world Cuckoo birds lay their eggs in another bird’s nest. And when the egg hatches, the cuckoo chick push the other chicks out of the nest (mostly end up dying) and only the cuckoo chick survives in the end. Disgusting character! I don’t know how any human being can behave like this without any conscience or morality.

  6. Things got stupid real quick. How’d the dude become a CEO? There’s something called DNA testing and it comes out in EVERY frickin’ crime drama.

  7. they are all insane, because they don’t count the months that mrs. cho get out, and never slept with he !
    that writer is an idiot, making allways the same, only to extandind the serie ! but…she is killing the serie, because many people don’t see it anymore ! and i will see only on finals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Things got stupid real quick. How’d he become a CEO? There’s something called DNA testing and it comes out in EVERY crime drama.

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