A Girl’s World


Beautiful story that tells us a lot about friendships at school. It is about 3 friends with different aspirations and has outcomes at the school they study. Oh Na Ri is a girl with low self esteem because she feels ugly infront of her other close friends; Imm Yoo Na, Seo Mi Rae.

Im Yoo Na is classy and cool and pretty much has everything she wants. However, she grows tired of the fake friends she has.

Seo Mi Rae is a talented girl who is auditioning for a TV show. She has a lot of admirers and one of them is Oh Na Ri.

Find out how these contrasting characters play out their differences and friendship at high school.

Airing on: Apr 30, 2020

Also Known as: 소녀의 세계, Odd Girl Out , Sonyeoui Segye , Girl’s World


Status: Upcoming

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  1. can’t wait to watch this, the storyline is similar so this might be adapted from webtoon if I’m not wrong 🙂

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