A Good Supper (2021) Episode 56

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6 Comments to “A Good Supper (2021) Episode 56

  1. Does this stupidly even make sense? What moron with stellar cooking skills would put up with such nonsense? I can’t stand the FL because the writers have mad3 her character is a flaming idiot completely devoid of any reality. If this trash continues with emotional incest with her foster dad, I’m out. I hope this drama hits bottom in ratings. It deserves it!

  2. A 100+ episode drama I find it questionable but still my curiosity got me so I started watching it. As the story unravels and the characters look interesting to watch I kind of enjoyed it at first. Unfortunately, there are a lot of events in the story that I find it redundant which you can do without or better yet cut the story short. I wonder why must the scriptwriter prolonged the story which makes it boring. It starting to annoy me to the point that I just fast forward every episode as I find them so predictable. It could have been made to just 20 episodes instead of 100. It was such a waste of these actors’ talent & creativity for it just got killed with the prolonged episodes and torture for their viewers. I guess I’ll just wait for the finale, that is if I feel like watching it.

  3. it started as a wholesome story with adorable kids. The thought of the foster father having feelings for the daughter shows how sick your writer is. And stop with is Da Jung’s sudden emotional display of bitchiness….it’s starting to look like a horror movie. Disappointing

  4. Agreed! This drama is just like watching a boring game of evil tennis, whack, whack back, repeat…going nowhere. BUT THE WORST is their moving toward having the man who raised a little girl as a daughter then “falling in love” with her. That is just SICK, SICK, SICK! Imagine a foster dad marrying his foster child. Disgusting on every level! No…beyond disgusting! I’m sick of the FL, too. There is only so much “stoopid” that is tolerable. Everybody Cow-towing to the “bi*ch” she calls a friend has gone too far.

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