A Good Supper (2021) Episode 63

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3 Comments to “A Good Supper (2021) Episode 63

  1. I checked back in hoping this trash would recover. It’s only going more rapidly downhill. The twin witches in the restaurant are despicable. The young bi*ch is deplorable. But I absolutely LOATHE the FL. She isn’t “loyal,” she’s just an idiot, and does not reflect the personality of her younger self. Then there’s the foster dad who’s going to hit on the foster child he raised. Can it get more sick than that? Foster daughters everywhere who watch this drama will have nightmares about their foster dads! Protector becomes predator. It takes a sick, SICK writer and producer to portray such a thing as “normal and romantic.” I hope this drama gets assaulted by decent Koreans!

    And can anybody tell me what the poor med student has done wrong? He’s the only adult in this whole drama that has a lick of sense….except he should tell that stupid, hateful, everybody-matters-but-him FL to go pound sand.

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