A Good Supper (2021) Episode 72

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6 Comments to “A Good Supper (2021) Episode 72

  1. I like this family drama, but for GS and YS to be paired as couple is plain stupidity from the writers, its not family oriented concept.

  2. can’t the actors also comment on their drama b4 shooting to edit sths in korean.
    How can a single foolish woman be controlling the whole population
    No matter how fictional a drama there should be some sense in it
    The past glory of kdrama that attracted smn like was how they make fictions look real. But now newer dramas are just the opposite

    1. At last thank God I have one more person like feeling disgusted and mad with this drama.
      This drama is practically meaningless, purposeless and time-wasting
      I wish kbs or mbc or sbs see these comments so they don’t award the writers and actors award for this drama.
      The writer must be a psychopath
      I really wish to know the name so I can avoid his or her drama afterwards.
      I really need deliverance from addiction to kdramas so I can stop wasting my time data and emotions and future

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