A Shoulder to Cry On (2023)


A story about Lee Da Yeol, a talented archer who finds himself in a difficult situation. Dae Yeol is a scholarship student who is not popular among his peers and only finds solace in the archery club. However, a run-in with a handsome classmate, Jo Tae Hyun, puts his scholarship in jeopardy. Tae Hyun, who is one of the school’s most popular students, claims that Dae Yeol tried to make out with him and the rumors spread quickly. Despite Dae Yeol’s attempts to clear the misunderstanding, Tae Hyun continues to make his life miserable by following him everywhere.

As Dae Yeol tries to navigate the consequences of Tae Hyun’s lies, he finds himself struggling with conflicting emotions. Despite the hate he feels towards Tae Hyun, he finds himself drawn to him. As the line between hate and love becomes blurred, Dae Yeol must find a way to resolve the situation and protect his future.

Adapted from the manhwa “Sonyeoneul Wilohaejwo” (소년을 위로해줘) by Dong Mul (동물).

Also known as: 소년을 위로해줘 소년을위로해줘 Sonyeoneul Wilohaejwo Sonyeoneulwilohaejwo / Comfort the Boy


Status: Ongoing

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A Shoulder to Cry On (2023) trailer

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        1. No. 31 of December is not the airing date. They also have this problem with the most recent Season of the 2moons series. The airing date is the same but there are already Episodes online. Dramacool probably hasn’t uploaded it yet. Or they are not planing to.
          The Series gets streamed on viki but i don’t know if the first episode is out yet.

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