Absolute Boyfriend (2019) Episode 16

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10 Comments to “Absolute Boyfriend (2019) Episode 16

  1. Come on, guys! This episode was uploaded since Thursday, July 4 RAW and then finally subtitled today. What gives? The subtitles aren’t even in sync with the audio or they’re just flat out INCORRECT. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but you’d think by now you would’ve gotten it right considering you had DAYS to fix this problem. First raw now badly subtitled. What comes next?!

  2. This should not have been the original ep.16. A lot of material was skipped. In my opinion, this was ep. 17

  3. I think there is something wrong with subs… they aren’t in alignment with video. Please have a check.

  4. Episode 16 subtitles doesn’t match with what they are saying. Can you please fix them? Thank you

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