Alchemy of Souls (2022) Episode 15

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31 Comments to “Alchemy of Souls (2022) Episode 15

  1. This drama gives the ” i think I’ve watched this movie before and i didn’t like the ending” vibez! The ending scene was so good. Btw did anyone notice that they showed a lot of scenes of cho yeon and mudeok aka bu yeon . They sister vibes they gave in this ep literally feels good and emotional! Anywas cant believe they wont air this drama next week😭😭😭 ! Idk how ill live without watching it!

  2. Man I love this drama to death😩 I’m so invested!!! ☺️ Can I live mudeok and Uk anymore. Wait a min- is master lee for real ?🤭 I’m so invested 🤭

  3. AAAHHH this must be one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen. entirely FLAWLESS. i usually lose interest by episode 15 when i watch kdramas but how did this keep my attention from start to finish? the best episode 15 of all episode 15s.

    1. Spoilers ahead for those who did not see the episode yet!!

      Omg, you are spot-on! This 15th episode will be one of the highest rated episodes in the drama, ong, I swear the visual effects were legendary, they revealed Master Lee to be awfully strong, when he closed his hand, and all the water into “woosh” as a sharp crystal–damm i was fanboying. And the scenes with So-i, So-i acts so well, all the sequences with her in was strictly engrossing, first I thought, this was an extra chracter that I do not need to know anything about, but damnn, her taking the limelight of the episode was very great. When she cried at the end, for getting that DNA worm inside her; damm the pure hatred in her wrenched-up crying face was whenn I decided, “Holy shi, she is such a great actress.”

      And lastly the choice of the ending song, this whole episode took upon a serious, dark tone than before, and the change of ending song implies that…most of the scenes were in the night too. I think–this is the beginning of a great war that is about to happen, that everything is going to get more darker from here on, and I’m all up for it!! Hwaiting!! Can’t wait for 2 more episodes, and for the life of me, can’t wait for Season 2 either!

  4. This is the best 2022 drama so far. Unpredictable, new storyline i really recommend it. And why do people ignore how charming and handsome the right hand man of the Songrim leader is my gosh💜🔮💜💗💜💗

    1. but that right hand man of his has his own supporting role dramas before, but it is a villain role where he is a suspect of such crime but is in a wealthy family, i dont remember the drama title but it’s a good one.

  5. OMG I’m so anxious ! I wonder what will happen in episode 16. The tactic he used to get the truth out of Mu deok and Jang Uk is 😂 and i cannot believe how their answers were in sync like that 😋

  6. Idk why but now I’m feeling sad for ul:(
    And also I’m sad after hearing that mudeok will be not in season 2😭😭 I can’t see anyone else beside Jung UK unless it’s mudeok😭 I’m in love with Jung UK and mudeok’s love story and chemistry 😭😭

    1. Well i’ve just seen a article saying the original lady who first appeared as Natsi will be in Season 2, although how that’s going to be the case, im not sure, they burned her body. .twin sister maybe, but i do love mudeok performance, they so good together lol

          1. I actually am up for it! The story might be written like that, after all, the real sister of the Junwoyen (or whatever’s family–i don’t remember half of the names of what i watch) has to be returned, and she–cannot come back if Naksu is in her body–so Naksu has to logically return in order to fight there in the great war, and after all–I think the actor for Naksu also was quite good, and beautiful too; quite a great change-over I believe. And moreover, Jang loves Naksu who is inside Mu-doek, he loves her personality—not her appearance. And so, Jang will definitely love Naksu as she comes into her original form; and the rightful sister of Jinwoyen will be returned–and the great war will start! It is my two cents of the projection of the story.

  7. Another episode where Mu-deok doesn’t get her power back , I can’t believe tomorrow is the last episode if the last episode is rushed I’m going to lose my shit

    1. yeah, you shouldn’t get in too early, 4 hours after it first appears–that is when the 1080p is rendered and gets accessible for us. Else it’ll 480p even though it is telling it is on 720p T-T

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