Alchemy of Souls (2022) Episode 6

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29 Comments to “Alchemy of Souls (2022) Episode 6

  1. I have a theory that the FL’s body she reincarnated to might be the Jin’s daughter cause they keep on mentioning their missing daughter and the FL could’ve been switched out of the mirror with the original body’s owner.

    Can’t wait to see when they find out the prince has the king’s star.

  2. How come no one is talking about her accent.?? She isn’t using Seoul , Busan or Daegu dialect. She has siyo in all her words haha

    1. She’s using Haoche. It’s not necessarily a dialect but a form of speech – in our times, the only times you’d find it used is questions on an exam (“Fill in the blanks” – that sort of imperative tone) and North Korea (considered the standard, what would be the “-haeyo” form in South Korea). In the case of Mudeok, it’s meant to show 1) that she’s from a lower class than the person she’s conversing with (that’s why she only uses it when she’s Mudeok the Maid, as a way to show she’s inferior but doesn’t use it with Jang Uk, as she sees him as on the same level as her or even lower) and 2) that she’s a bit of a country bumpkin (according to her story she comes from a village).

  3. Ah the hell choyeon . She put the blame on mudeok . And that mirror wth that mirror took mudeok away 😭😂. Arin looks cute but her character is bad here btw i ship choyeon and danggu lol they kinda gud together. And i think I’m having second lead syndrome again. The chemistry between the leads are kinda off . Anyways still i like uk ❤️🙂. I am excited for next ep . Yul will know that she’s naksu damn and i hope uk will win the fight. And i hope mudeok will not leave him . Ik that she’s using him but still man .

    1. Uk and mudeok chemistry was good before i hope the next ep will feed us Thier crumbs so that i can come over my SLS

  4. Ahh this is getting boring now… i can see a love square between MC, naksu-ex and the crown Prince w/ our FL..

    Ughh I guess binge watching with speed running through the show would be the right move.

    And I don’t understand why this drama needs 20 episodes, it looks like a 12 or 16 episode drama would have been enuf.

    1. While i agree the Crown Prince seems to secretly not dislike FL, i believe its down to her personality a sense of loyalty and duty, she’s not the shy type of person and outspoken, he’s probably sick and tired of the females, just agreeing and “Yes, my highness” etc also everyone seems to want something from the prince, she refused his help, few females would, so he finds her interesting. Also, these type of drama’s are usually much longer for example Princess Agents is similar show and has 58 episode with season 2 coming soon, so in that regard its short at 20, i personally love these types of shows personally ill want more than 20..Peace be with you Zookeeper.

        1. if you want me post a another korean show then Empress Ki 51 episodes and there’s more out there to watch

    1. female master have 3 men on her fishing rod . but then who will she choose ?
      The crown prince 1st
      Jang Uk 2nd
      Yul (noble and sexy Man ) 3rd

      i think 3rd one . Because female master (she was formal Naksu Lady) she used to fall in love with Yul )
      they have a romance and memory) On Other hand Jang Uk – he also in love with his master .

      1. More likely uk becz she need her powers too. She need to take the revenge of her father . She care about yul but the hatred for them is more.

  5. first time when i’m not annoyed when multiple people like the main lead haha, and she doesn’t act all naive and incompetent,, i wonder what will happen next ep

    1. ep. 5 and 6 has nothing specials going on., Am I the only one who think They’re off the main story and no training involved as to the reason why they are here in that village.? I hope they won’t run out of time and make a good ending…

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