All Is Well


“All Is Well(Dou Ting Hao)” is a chinese family drama follows the Su family as their lives fall apart after the death of the matriarch. Freed from the “oppression” of his wife, the weak and selfish Su Da Qiang begins to constantly interfere in his children’s lives and asks them to meet the most unreasonable requests. The eldest son Su Ming Zhe returns from abroad to solve the family issues, but crumbles under the pressure and becomes emotionally detached with his wife. Second son Su Ming Cheng is a spoiled, greedy man who almost loses all his money and his family due to a business fail. Youngest daughter Su Ming Yu has always been her parents’ least favoured child, who decided to cut off all ties to her family since 18 years old. Although she doesn’t want to get involved in the mess, she becomes the key person to reunite her family.

Also known as:都挺好 Everything is Alright Dou Ting Hao


Status: Completed

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