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32 Comments to “Anna (2022) Episode 1

  1. Do they have to translate it as ‘my day’ or ‘daily’ every time they say Yumi’s name?! The subtitles are really annoying.

      1. Go to hell. You know it’s free and you want a premium service. You are the most annoying one. Subtitle are good enough to understand, unless you are dumb.

    1. It’s not about how she been taught in the young age. She need to survive because in our society only powerful people have opportunity and get connection and to meet people in their lives they interested . mostly poor and unfortunate family always in lowest rank in society and very difficult to get access she need to lie in order to be part in society what we could rich people unpleasant situation but sadly many unwealthy people had to get through it to reach there dreams and goals in their life

      1. well true. there is 1 way to survive in this world . poor girl can only survive if she become Prostitiue (Mistress)
        to powerful Man . then she can get fame and money . and if she give birth a son . then she will get Loved from her Husband to be . and respect .

  2. ive been waiting to watch this drama since the beginning of june and now its so pathetic bec the subtitles are so off?? im so annoyed with it.

  3. is this the korean take on the anna sorokin/delvey story?
    just finding out about it and definitely excited to get into this.

  4. They put subtitles and they are so wrong. Like I can’t even watch it. I am pretty disappointed with the theam working for this show. Take longer if the subtitles cannot be done properly. I understand it might have been pressuring to translate but still. :(((

  5. Thanks for finally subbing, but the english subs have a ton of errors in them. I understand you guys work a lot, but if you were going to take so long just to release badly translated subtitles, it would have been better if you had taken as long as it was needed to accurately translate the episode. Pretty disappointing.

  6. So no subtitles yet?!! I want to watch it and keep loading the site to see if there are amy subtitles. But nothing. Bit anyone knows how long it will take??
    Other dramas have subtitles in the same day, that’s not fair. 😭

    1. This drama is really popular, trending in never, daum cafe, insitz, nate and everywhere. But the thing is this drama is airing on coupang play and it doesn’t provide legal international platform that’s why it is take so long to sub

    2. This drama is really popular right now. But the thing is, it is airing through coupang play, they didn’t provide international platform that’s why it takes so long to sub

  7. Thank you so much for providing the drama ive been anxious trying to find a place to watch it,
    How long untill you’re done with the translation ?

    1. Hahaha! They’re always like that. Especially for those dramas with poor ratings. They’re not their priorities. Let’s just wait. 🙂

      1. This drama is really popular in korea right now. Trending everywhere, but the thing is coupang play didn’t provide international platform for international fans. That’s why they are taking too long to sub

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