Arthdal Chronicles Episode 18

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20 Comments to “Arthdal Chronicles Episode 18

  1. Definately there is a Season 2 for sure, we are having a delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic that occurred in 2019/2020

  2. i do not think this is the final episode too ,this is getting interesting like game of thrones , am happily looking forward to season 2

  3. Is this the last episode? hope there”s more to come.. waiting for another season to watch.. eager to know what will happen to Euseom and Tanya?… when they will meet?, what happens after the war? what tragedy will happen to Arthdal when the 3 meet together as sword, bell and mirror? there”s many questions i need to know the answer… Please make another season.

  4. What the hell, it’s going crazy!
    I can no longer wait to release the next part!.
    Guys nakita ko lang sa google hinati pala sa into 3 part wahahah nakaka excite hahanep.
    Part 1: Children of Prophecy”, “Part 2: Turning Sky, Rising Ground”, and “Part 3: Arth, The Prelude to All Legends”. ???

  5. This can’t be the last episode??? I’ve so many questions that need to be answered. I hope they make more episodes because I really like this drama. I really want to see Eunseom and Saya meet and see their reaction. And I want Tanya to reunite with Eunseom as well!!!! And I want to know how this war is going to play out?!!! So many things I need to see.

  6. something miss the end and then season Arthdal Chronicle 2 or not…??? which is one to be continue season 2 Arthdal Chronicles or not?????

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