Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life


“Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful” is a drama about a cold man who doesn’t believe in marriage and a female student who has given up on dating, marriage, and having children while preparing to take the civil service exam.

Kim Seol Ah worked as an announcer in her past. She is ambitious and she is married to Do Jin Woo. He is the CEO of a company.

Moon Tae Rang is a chef. He is the oldest brother from a family that consists of adoptees.

Moon Hae Rang is Moon Tae Rang’s younger sister. She works as a secretary for Do Jin Woo.

Also known as: 사랑은 뷰티풀 인생은 원더풀 / Salangeun Byutipul Insaengeun Wondeopul / Love is Beautiful Life is Wonderful / Beautiful Love Wonderful Life


Status: Completed

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