Begin Again (2020) Episode 24

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One Comment to “Begin Again (2020) Episode 24”

  1. Just realized. This ep has one of the best examples of meddling and manipulation I have seen in Cdramas, Usually the evilness is obvious. In this case, the mother is the worst kind of mother. Thank goodness not all mothers are like that – adult bullying. She’s going to get her way, at the expense of her son’s happiness. She’s more evil than the evil poisoners in the historical dramas. Why? Because she pretends and covers everything she says with soft words, soft tones, and pretense of caring. All the other characteristics of evil planning are there. Secret planning, secret meetings, avoidance of the key player, the good guy,

    We’re expecting Evil Gao to do his dastardly best, and we all know he’ll fail spectacularly, but his evilness is less destructive than the mother’s. Maybe she’s working for Evil Gao! He is twisting her words to affect her psych, but we all know it’s his twisted mind that refuses to accept reality. Why doesn’t she tell the staff that he’s sacrificing them to get his revenge?!

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