Between Us (2022) Episode 2

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17 Comments to “Between Us (2022) Episode 2

  1. I still can’t believe in teams dorm room the faucet is in the balcony on the outside. I thought that would be inside. Well I’m assuming each dorm room has their own bathroom. Doesn’t the bathrooms have a sink in it. I was very shocked when I saw him washing dishes outside when win talking to him. Because I was like why is he washing dishes outside.

  2. OMG that makes SO MUCH SENSE NOW! I’m so slow! That’s why Win is totally fine with Team just randomly going to his room in the middle of the night before swim meets. ?

    1. she got lip fillers done, i believe…if you watch/watched Unforgotten Night, you’ll see them a bit better

    1. Dude so true!! They shot every scene on different weeks that his bleach growth is drastically different. I cant stop thinking about it

  3. I can’t! I just can’t get over how dirty and rusted the lockers are T_T ….the whole time I was thinking, “nooo…! don’t lean on it with your bare back! Why not in the backseat of the car or drive back to your nice dorms??”

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