Big Issue Episode 10

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One Reply to “Big Issue Episode 10”

  1. My, Oh, Myyyyy, My, My!!!! What a treat this K-Drama is turning out to be!!!! The almost ENTIRE…STUPENDOUS cast to the all time GREATER then GREAT…EMPRESS KI is back to delight, one and all again!!! This K-DRAMA was set up to be good with the inclusion of the sidekicks (bald headed eunuch and the ballsey, unballed slave catcher/seller). BUT with the added PLUS of Joo Jin Moo, HOT DAWG, it was sent over the TOP!!! I am on sensory overload watching this drama!!! Oh, how much better would this experience have been if Ha Ji-Won had’ve been cast as VENOM, JIN Yi-Han as her driver, and Ji Chang-Wook as her crazy-in-LUB Manager/CEO!!! HOT DANG…wouldn’t that have been an experience??? Oh, my did you guys get the police chief? Yeah, that’s right he was casted as the aboji/daddy King to the character that Joo Jin GOT DANG’ON GOODY GOOD LOOK’IN Moo!!!!! Played in Empress Ki! OH, my, OH, my!!! I am excitin’ myself here, girls…. Hum Uhm…maybe I should start writing K-DRAMAs!!! BUT, until that time comes (don’t wait for it, ya heard) WATCH this K-DRAMA along with me!!! It is an unforgettable experience! AN SOMEBODY ‘PLEASE’ re-cast the ENTIRE cast of EMPRESS KI in another K-DRAMA…it would be come an instant HIT, ’cause everybody and they MOMMA is waiting to ENJOY that experience AGAIN, AND AGAIN! THANKS for this K-DRAMA and the BIG ISSUE although filled with twist and turns…I enjoy every minute of it (with even more joy, if ‘dry’ stick figure han ye-seul had not been cast as lead female)!!!!

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