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60 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 10

  1. What if Mayor Choi is Big Mouse? Maybe he choose the nickname from Big Mouth of Changho even if they aren’t brother they could have been in the same orphanage when Mayor Choi’s family has died. That’s could be why choose Changho. Maybe they have some grudge against each other back then. The logo of big mouth is interesting cause there is flame in it as in the accident where the grandpa has died with a knife who could mean the revenge, it could have been the elder who kill the grandpa in that car’s explosion. Then, the little boy could also be Changho and even if they didn’t keep in touch after the orphanage, chanho could have told his story to Mayor Choi back then before he got adopted by Choi family.

    Else, Mayor Choi secretary could be a spy for the Elder, and the elder could be Big mouth boss. I don’t think Dr Hyun has been attacked by someelse than Mayor Choi himself to let the doubts about him let loose, it was Dr Hyun who has help Miho with the blood, she also want to know what happens in that room of her hospital where the head nurse had dissappear once followed by a doubtful Miho. I think they tried a new product on the inmates but they don’t want the results to be wronged by a drug past or something so they chose model ones (and the psycopath was a diversion with drugs). They make them fall sick before treating them.

  2. I’m just suspecting the father in law as big mouse from the very beginning.I can’t take him as this sweet as i have always seen him as real badass characters and he is doing nothing Suspicious here,that’s what more Suspicious to me..

  3. Loving the conspiracy theories!!! Changho and Mayor are brothers ? That’s actually kinda plausible coz I was always dying to know why Changho is an orphan !!

  4. I thought that it might be Changho, and that he has split personalities or something, that’s why he doesn’t know or remember anything, but someone commented saying that Doha and Changho could be brothers and it blew my mind. That could be true. Soon-Tae [Changho’s lawyer/friend] being apart of Big Mouse [assuming that it’s one huge organization] is plausible too, especially since it’s somewhat suspicious how he got upset by the fact that Changho went to the prosecutors office to get interrogated by himself.

    I think them pushing the whole Jerry = Big Mouse thing could be a hint, like what if Big Mouse isn’t /one/ specific person, but a whole organization, it makes sense that there are multiple people running, like the elder being the head of it, Jerry being in charge of the prison, the Soon-Tae being in charge of taking care of Changho, and so on.

    But we should always expect the unexpected, our theories could be spot on, or we could have flown over the target, either way, there’s a plot twist coming our way, and I sure hope it’s unexpected.

  5. Oh my worddd..Doha and Changho brothers?? That’s an awesome theory.. I meannn I always wondered HOW and why he found Changho in the first place..there are many other incapable lawyers ..why him?

    Okay I give up..Big Mouse may not be the Mayor’s wife after all..I don’t think its the room leader tho..too easy since he reads tarrot cards.. Its could be someone we won’t hunch Miho’s dad OR Chango’s friend or Jerry (why? well..we will find out as the story unfolds)..

    This drama is AWESOME…DAEBAKKK

  6. You’re all forgetting something. In episode one, they showed what Big Mouse was capable of. He was associated with criminal organizations and cartels around the world. That’s not something anyone can pull off. So far, no one in this shows has the resources and network to pull that off, except the Elder. I believe the Elder is Big Mouse and he has a lot of followers including the Warden.

  7. There’s an episode where Chango Ho wonders how big mouse knew something (i don’t remeber what it was) that he had only shared with Miho, her father and that friend lawyer. And aside that…there is the fact that how would someone be able to hide all that stuff in their office overnight? behind the walls and ceiling…unnotice…
    So most likelly,Big Mouse is an organization and one of them is part of…probablly the friend lawyer…
    And if Big Mouse has a head…i don’t know…But yeah maybe is the elder…
    About the gold that Doha found…the location was hidden in Seo’s papper, that’s how he got it. Or Seo was part of Big Mouse, or was him who in fact had stole Jihoo’s gold.
    About the picture…the picture is the Doha family, the boy is himself. He is one of the employes son. Chang Ho most like is the elder’s relative…and he (elder) and doha, knows it.

    My conclusion so far

    Big Mouse is a organization. The elder is the head of Big Mouse. Chango Ho is a lost son or grandchild of the elder… Doha knows and tryed to get rid of all his “heir competittors” together…(Jihoo..the 4 docs and Chang Ho all at once)…but the elder intervined…the friend lawyer is part of Big Mouse working for the elder…keeping an eye on Chang Ho…Elder of course knows who Chang Ho is…and wants him to be his sucessor…as Big Mouse’s head…and that’s why…all the tesst Big Mouse put Chan Ho in..But Chang Ho has others plans…what will happen? that is the question.

    Excellent drama for thosewho are fans of mind trhillers…loving it so far

    I’ll probablly be wrong…:) but it’s fun to try guessing

    1. But woooooow that is one deep conclusion and an interesting one too. If it was true it would be solo twist, all hail my friend, u would make a hell of a writer, bravooooo

  8. I have this feeling that the little boy on the picture is changho who’s gone missing and went to orphanage, he is the younger brother of Do ha.

      1. I think it’s park changho on the picture ! Gong jihoon said that the boy was dead but I think it’s Changho and it’s why he’s an orphan

  9. Well i think that mayor Choi is big mouse.because he used park changho and it started by the drug he drunk which caused the accident so he used him but at the same time hurt him. So he can hurt his wife juhee too. This is what I think. Secondly big mouse has a great interest about seo’s paper so is Choi doha
    It could be him big mouse

    1. Thank you finally someone!
      I mean can y’all remember, someone’s mentioned that Big Mouse is a “sexy” woman. So I think maybe Miho and her father is not as innocent as they may seem to be. ?

  10. honestly miho is annoying me, having someone like her always causes unneeded problems, its obvious shes going to be using against changho. I had high interest but now is gone down i just seems o be going less interesting, its probably just cause of my style of movies.

    1. actually she’s usefull than the most female leads in these types of dramas.
      she was the one who found the paper in that cross necklace.
      she even left her hospital and joined the guechoen hospital just to help her husband and even found the connection between the paper and the blood tests.
      im sure in the end she’ll be even more usefull

  11. Everyone is so suspicious but one thing that bothered me was when the room leader said he was close to the warden. it’s also most likely that the mayor is not big mouse because I don’t think he lost anyone because of the paper. but on the other hand, the room leader, from what I remember, lost his daughter. he’s also always roaming around as we can see. he also knows how to read the cards. idk just my thoughts lol. Jerry idk, jerry probably under the room leader.

    1. I agree with you, i see a lot of people suspecting the elder but don’t forget Doha has given the paper to the elder that he got from the doc’s wife but BIG MOUSE is looking for that paper and what was inside.So I still suspect the room leader n lawyer friend,the fact that it might be an organisation is also plausible
      remember the room leader whispered something inside the warden’s ear after he saved changho…think about it

  12. Again we don’t know who’s big mouse !!!
    Really it’s such a tense drama !!
    They play with us each episode & except miho & Chang ho no one’s seem to be good
    Everyone is suspect & are up to something bad

  13. Sixth one.
    …..l ,mean……………whaaaat!!!
    Like what the hell …..I’m gonna die.
    So gooooooood Wahh daebak!

  14. So epic war Choi Doha against Big Mouse huh?
    I did suspect Mayor Choi and at ep 9 i still wasnt certain it was him, and it really wasnt him.
    This is full of misteries. Ep 11 looks intense, everything is becoming clearer. I’m glad Changho is smart, I’ll be rooting for him.

  15. The game is turning man!!! I’m so glad that Choi Doha isn’t big mouse I was really praying for that. I’m really curious about who is big mouse. Park changho is rulling the jail? park changho and his wife is the most powerful couple I’ve ever seen like they are both so strong and bold. Both are fighting equally without any fear ?

  16. im the sitxh one, but besides that, am i the only one who’s so confused right now? my bet is still on changho for being big mouse

    1. yes, from the start I was thinking he was the one and I guess he is the father of Changho. Big Mouse is not a bad guy, he just using Changho to find the real bad guy and to prove not Big Mouse. he helps Changho also to become a combative person.

    1. I also think it could be possible that Changho’s lawyer friend knew Mayor Choi has a sunbae for example in college. Or he xould be part of the rich families connected to the elder.

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