Big Mouth (2022) Episode 11

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39 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 11

  1. Park Hoon as Seo Jae Yong as an actor, I really like a lot. But the character he is acting out/playing right now is really getting on my nerves. The character kind of comes across as the spoiled child that wants more and more attention so he causes a lot of unnecessary problems just to be #1. …… This show was one I almost skipped, but glad I didn’t. …… The big question with every episode, is “WHO IS BIG MOUTH”….. Just when you think you figured it out, a curveball happens and your back to square one guessing.

  2. Is it just me or Chairman Yang is the cutest gang leader ever! I love how he’s got Changho’s back.
    Also I don’t mind the twist of the room leader to be BM, kind of not surprised tho

  3. Chunsik : ” Leave Park Changho alone, or I’ll tear down your intersection and build a four-lane highway” best line ever ??

  4. I have this feeling that JERRY is BIG MOUSE, there no sense that he cast this movie without a BIG ROLE. Remember when he helped changho to scape, jerry said that he will tell changho everything about big mouse, but after the accident he suddenly got mad at changho and crampled the paper that was given to him at the hospital because he thought that changho betrayed him and sided Doha. Even the old warden was shocked when he thought changho sided with doha

  5. ROOM LEADER is definitely NOT big mouse, he just went to the secret ward to hide or scape from the chaos inside the prison, it just so happen that big mouse and changho will meet there.

  6. bro my guts are telling me Big mouse is that old cell leader, they call ‘mister’ , i forgot his name hah, i’m quite sure !

    1. Well it’s easy for Mayor Doha to swipe the money and put the blame onto Changho without him being Big Mouse. But if it really is Jerry, then it’s super obvious.

  7. I think that the mayor is the corrupt Preston. He’s getting the prisoners sick by giving them the medicines to run the hospital while his wife is innocent.
    The papers that everyone wants hold the evidence that these things are being done in the hospital.

    1. So bigmouse wants the papers to get the mayor behind bars furthermore,the money was stolen by the mayor and he just easily said that it was big mouse.

        1. I’m just trying to figure out the background of the story and why mayor is the corruput person. The guy who had the evidence of hospital doing the wrong doings,mayor got that guy killed with the help of those former vip prisoners. He stole the money and blamed it on bigmouse. So big mouse wants the papers to get rid of mayor and clear his name. That’s what i think

    2. from what i gather the pills are the doings of that three people who were in prison but got out after. and mayor is just trying to protect his wife imo. The reason he wanted the paper so bad was probably because to protect his wife and her hospital also having levarage over chairman maybe, since he didn’t burn the actual papers..?

  8. changho just sitting there and asking everyone who comes up to him “are you big mouse” please stop my man please

    1. I swr ??
      Am I the only one trying to find out big mouse frm the cast list ?like man I’m fed up of theories but still enjoying the possibilities ?

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