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86 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 12

    1. that would make 0 sense.
      No Park would be way older than what he was if that were to happen. Changho is 28 yrs old. And No Park is like what 60 or so. So it doesn’t rly add up

  1. Saranghe Park Chang ho. Yessss….hahahaha!!!!

    OKAY so plot twist: Big Mouse could be Chang ho’s friend..his Lawyer!! These dramas always use the person we least expect.. We’ll wait and seee ,lol

  2. The old man said someone wanted u to live , I will introduce u to them here
    Then he died in mysterious situation
    So if he wasn’t big mouse then who it’s !!?
    And who wanted Chang ho to be alive !! His dad , brother or someone else ?!

  3. So i guess chairman KANG is not BIG MOUSE….IT MIGHT BE the DEA D FREIND and the child is CHANG HO…It might be his grandfather pretending to fake his death to fight the CHAIRMAN……Or my wild guess would be PARK CHANG HO HIMSELF IS REALLY THE BIG MOUSE….plotting from the beginning to avenge his grandfather death by chairman Kanh….it will never be sure Big Mouse is an organization with leaders .

    1. Your theory is wild… Made me think how much fiction you must have watched or read to think that far. I am saying it in a good way hope you don’t take it negatively like, there’s possibilities with what scenarios you put in the comnt

      What i think from watching this ep is Chairman Doha is the grandchild of the wise man who died in a car crash and he wants the revenge from the elder. With the plot twist in each ep can’t really say who is who lol but as someone who watches drama very very rarely i love this drama.. I don’t prefer the romantic cheesy rich guy poor girl ones. This is gold each ep is interesting and your comment was interesting too that’s why i am leaving a comment;;))

  4. Nah, I dont think the room leader was Big Mouse either, if it ends up being Jerry is not fun anymore haha like that’s what we all thought since the beginning. I hope Park Chang Go ends up killing everyone <3 I love his character so much.

  5. I think its probably the elder or chairman park and his gang but then again at this point i just suspect everyone, nxt time i will not watch a kdrama that is still ongoing because the pressure is getting real??????

  6. Why do I feel like No park is like a fatherly figure towards changho ?? The way he said he’ll introduce changho to his saviors at 9pm and the way he said that he was surprised and in awe (at the special ward when changho made the counter offer) . Kinda tells me that he is proud of how strong changho has become and what if big mouse knows chagho’s real parents ???

  7. I’m rooting for the fact that neither the room leader nor jerry is big mouse. It must be someone who didn’t show up yet. Someone who’s not in prison and someone who’s very powerful. Obviously, the real big mouse is behind the room leader death. He wanted to get rid of him, maybe his plans are different from changho’s.

    1. Wait did u start watching from the beginning? Jerry is the dude who was a big fan of big mouse and stayed by changho side and I really think his big mouse

  8. Omg this episode was so intense and also the ending kinda made me jump. Now Changho will never be able to find the person who told Big Mouse to save him from dying. Y’all what if he was Changho’s father? Or it was Changho’s father who told him to help him.

  9. What this potato old man was big mouse I laughed a lot sry for laughing and also I think Jerry is his son or maybe relative.
    This is so good looking forward more

      1. Everyone is saying old man and their is no problem but when I said it you are going to teach me?
        Bitch? At first go and teach yourself then come to teach me.
        I can swear too maybe more than you

    1. I don’t believe that the room leader is Big mouse, he was just a decoy to calm down Park Changho. I guess the real big mouse is someone more powerful, someone who didn’t show up yet. Warden Park clearly said he never saw Big Mouse and yet he didn’t seem surprised when the room leader behaved like he’s. Big mouse is behind the room leader’s death, and I think he might be a relative of Park Changho and jerry is his right hand.

  10. I love how we have now drifted focus from Big Mouse to Park Changho. This drama keeps on getting better and better

      1. Guys I think maybe No park is park’s grandfather and the daughter is his mother, that’s if No park is real big mouth but am still not sure !!.

      1. so frustrating, ive been trying to refresh the page but still the same, now watching on other dramacool site but they got no subtitle

    1. I’m in the same situation, i can’t focus and i’m watching THISSSSSSSSSS

      I wish you good luck on your exam !

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