Big Mouth (2022) Episode 13

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35 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 13

  1. The way I’m seeing this thing this drama won’t end at eps 16.there might be season 2 cos there is more to the chairmans business that needs to unfold and like park change his lawyer said , that he might have to fight for the rest of he’s life..

  2. Do you guys remember that the chairman haraboji was in Dr. Stranger as a chairman too and the male lead was lee jong suk there too?
    He play evil character but frankly speaking i love his acting??

  3. All of their acting gave me goosebumps specially Lee jong suk as park chang ho nailed it and yoona as ko miho slayed the role..and one thing mayor doha’s assistant guy is doing great his acting and visual is soo good!!! I want to watch him as a major role next time!!
    The pre clip of ep 14 is making me scream ?? don’t touch our chang ho otherwise miho will make you all regret ??

  4. Last week I thought episode 12 is the last one but now I think it’s going to end at 20 at this rate.
    Does anyone know how many episodes are there in total?

  5. I wouldn’t be surprise if Miho’s father is the Number One. Looking at how the story has been developing so far it is no longer suprise that someone close to Changho’s is going to be one of Big Mouse’s underling. “Everything’s been set,” from this we can clearing tell Warden Park shot Changho is nothing but a act.

  6. I think big mouse is not dead, i also think n0 one was the guy that died. pretending to be big mouse, also the mayor is not a good person. using his wife as well .. I think big mouse is still Jerry, I love him amazing actor.. warden park is not a person that should of been kept alive , not good .. He will do something yet , wait and see…… the ending where we see parkcho die , come on we know he will not die……… his making plans till the end, so he can go back to his old life with his wife, father in law…………


  8. They should have killer warden park when they had the chance… I knew keeping him alive would be a problem! They better not kill park changho!!

  9. So who is number one between the big threes ? Is it big mouse himself or someone else ? Could that be changho’s wife? I’m starting to have doubts ?

  10. What did we watch !!?? So many events right
    Everything seems unreal ? unbelievable
    Just what’s gonna happen next !!
    I’m just wishing Chang hoo & miho survive ?

    1. Did anyone notice that their were two kids in picture that old man in hospital had, one was mayor, but who is other kid ???
      I think other kid is park chang, and both of them were friends or brother

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