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93 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 4

  1. Guys this ep comments are crazy ? i really want to see them after the reveal of BM am sure I will come back and for me I suspect everyone maybe I will minimize them in the next eps

  2. Am i the only one thinking that the mayor is the real big mouse ?
    Maybe he has some people plant in the prison ?

  3. It’s really so confusing because Chang ho can’t be mouse !! He has big mouth & that Was his nickname !!
    But as someone said here during the accident when he wake up he said everything changed

  4. At first i suspected fortune teller is the big mouse. Psychopath stabbed ft. And ft got stab and he pretended to be good person but he Isn’t. And there another fact.ft said he is in jail bcz hit and run case.and it’s not about many days.i feel It’s him.but still chungho is acting weird. Ao now i feel It’s him.

  5. Chang ho could autually be big mouse.Earlier on a doctor or something said that in his life time he will be in an iccident and forget some things or be a different person its possible he forgot about being big mouse and thats why hes so confused and believes someone had set him up. Hoping he says the right names can’t wait for the next ep!!

  6. !!!SPOILERS!!!
    1.what if chongho is actually a big mouth and he is just fooling everyone and that stolen money is under or in the prison! and he went there to get IT
    2. JUST WATCHED OTHER half it could be also anyone in prison maybe jerry but i’m not sure abt him too
    2. it’s obv that someone is scaring prisoners and that’s why they are killing themselves
    3.watched another half and if changho will gonna say those names well he is fucked up but imagine if HE WILL REALLY GONNA SAY REAL NAMES
    4.i finishes and idk why yall think that it’s jerry lol i feel that it’s really changho

    1. Did you notice how when the police were checking the room, jerry had a mouse tattoed on his wrist, it can be jerry he is sus

      1. are u dumb jerry literally says from the start that he is a fan of big mouse and its not something new that we see he has had it before and we have seen it before there is someone else im suspicious of im thinking it might be the room leader he has connections no one beefs him he alwayse stays silent and is never suspicious, if it isnt him then its probably just chongo himself

    2. That would be interesting if the gold buried in the beginning, was in prison…sort of like Vincenzo…but idk…still too early

      People think it’s jerry because the actor is known for playing roles that seem so friendly and loyal but then he turns out to be pretending the whole time and is actually the villain.

      But in my opinion, I think the writers would use that to just make us ‘think’ he is big mouth, when he is not…idk what to think

      I would say though, is the mayor’s wife is sketchy…not big mouth, but very suspicious…

    3. 1. Chongho could have a split personality(I really hope so)

      2. Chongho could got a message from the real big mouse in the prison with the names of the drug dealers. Why would he do that? Maybe he need Chongho to act like big mouse so the real big mouse doesn’t get suspected while he’s at the prison.

  7. I think Chang jo is big mouse for sure on ep 6 he will say the right five names and they’ll get surprised and puzzled if he is or not buh mouse

    1. same its the way he looks at changho its like he’s making sure if fake big mouse is following his predicted plan AND the only ones that have access to the solitary rooms are guards so he could be the one that induced them to commit suicide so things don’t go off script

      1. duhh cause he said in the start that he is a fan f big mouse thats why he got the tattoo, the tattoo is irelevent

  8. Think about it!!who have the power to put money on the cieling inside of changho’s office,, thats the big question??

  9. guys jerry cant be big mouse did you not pay attention?? when changho was labelled as big mouse, jerry came up to him in the cell room they sleep in saying he was a big fan of big mouse, saw him as an idol and got a tattoo of a mouse, and nicknamed himself jerry, as he said referring to jerry from tom and jerry

  10. Okay out of topik….when the prisoners were gossiping about big mouth that he does sorcery and soul things….i just remember the on going drama
    “Alchemy of souls” ?
    Now on point….i’m sooo confused like i can’t Trust anyone… I’m suspecting jerry then i’m suspecting miho’s father or mayor doha’s wife or the psychopath and at the end Chung ho?‍♀️ but i’ll be happy if it comes out that none of them is big mouse… It’s someone whom we didn’t suspected!!
    But i’m thinking that did chung ho has DID? I mean various kind of personality like kill me heal me drama!!?
    At end when everyone shouted “big,big,big” and the rap started i got goosebumps on that scene?

  11. I think chang ho is big mouse cuz don’t u guys see the promo of next episode he himself says to mayor that he is big mouse and ask mayor to not tell miho now I really think it’s chang ho

  12. I feel he is big mouse and jerry is his former face or the person who use to be with him. Cause he dont have any doubt which i fine weird. Choi on ask to save his ass also the first episode kinda have me question a few thing

  13. guys its Jerry or Chang ho
    Look Chang ho could have a split personality or he forgot after the car accident if u have watched Mouse u know what i mean,or its Jerry besides Chang ho Jerry is the only one that can be Big mouse, i also think its jerry whos been killing the prisoners

  14. i think jerry is big mouse
    “may contain spoilers”
    1. his name is after jerry the mouse from tom and jerry
    2. there is a scene when you can see a mouse tattoo on his wrist , when they were searching them when the man commited suiside

    1. yeah in the episode where everyone found out changho was ‘big mouse’ jerry said he saw BM as an idol and got a tattoo of a mouse and used the nickname jerry from tom and jerry

  15. OK listen my guts tell me
    1.there is another guy like him like a twin which is the real bigmouse
    2.he himself is bigmouse
    3.another new guy will come who will know who is who

    1. Or maybe the real big mouse told him who the drug dealers are since he mentioned that the real big mouse may be in the prison too

  16. Dear admin please upload do not DO NOT SAY NO THE SERIES and the movie comes out called LOVE IN THE AIR THE SERIES

  17. All these people saying jerry, Miho, and the man that tells your fortune. while I’m here saying it’s either the officer that let him out of his cell (P.S. I AM NOT TALKING THE WARDON) or it really is Changho

  18. I have 2 theories
    1. The old man who reads the future knows everything about them, their family,etc and also kind of helping park.
    2. Park is slowly gonna become Big Mouse.

  19. I have 2 theories:
    1. I think it’s the old man who read the future or sumthing becuz he knows everything and helping Park.
    2. Hes (Park) gonna become Big Mouse slowly.

  20. OOF!! what to do, I can’t wait for a week?! I am so excited!!! ♥♥ Looks like he won’t be giving the fake names. I wonder how did he know? I read a comment big mouse being Yoona! Imagine her changing the list so he got the correct names? I also wonder how the dude who asked for the names actually know the real names? Did I miss there or they didn’t touch there?

  21. I think jerry is only a fan of big mouse that’s why he got a mouse tattoo on his wrist. But he’s not a big mouse man???

  22. I see three possible plot twists here.

    1st – Jerry will end up being Big Mouse.

    2nd – It’ll be Miho, cuz it would be crazy and would make sense.

    3rd – It’s actually Changho and we were all fooled!

  23. it will be more amazing if Changho is really the big mouse or his past is somewhat related to big mouse because in the first place why would big mouse frame changho for nothing? he is just a low ranking lawyer. There must be something to it and im really dying to know it! IM BETTING FOR JERRY TO BE BIG MOUSE OR CHANGHO IS REALLY THE BIG MOUSE

    1. I never thought of it, but after this ep I Think so too… But I had an idea that big mouse is one of the Prisoner… Maybe the guy working under the warden he has the vibes

  24. OMG this drama is crazy, I swear there’s gonna be a plot twist and big mouse is gonna end up being Jerry.

  25. wow i love the new episode so far cant wait for the next friday and saturday for the episodes to be uploaded. I had so many theories which one of them came true lmao.

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