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77 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 5

  1. What if big mouse is actually Miho’s father? Or someone in prison, maybe Jerry or one the guards. I’m so confused man lmfao. This drama is great

  2. all of you are creating good theories but i just think Big Mouse is the security guard you know this who always wears a cap, he is really suspicious to me or maybe Jerry

  3. I have like 10 different ideas of who big mouse could be. My favourites are:

    – the elder who refused to talk to Gong Jihoon. What if this entire this was just a test and they stole their own money to test the new generation

    – Seo Daeyong’s wife who left the country. Because all this really started after he was murdered. Or maybe it’s the director for the same reason? Or maybe be it’s actually him & he somehow faked his death?

    – Big mouse doesn’t exist, it’s actually an organization made of many people of all walks of life. That’s how ‘he’s’ able to be seemingly anywhere.

    – the room leader was able to kill the dude in solitary. He just gives me Red energy from Shawshank Redemption and he’s pretty connected in the prison at least. Maybe the warden would look the other way for his fortune to be read.

    – Jerry. If he was able to smuggle the transportation cards for the bet who’s to say he couldn’t have gotten the cyanide.

    – The prosecutor is in on it too, so he gave him the list of the real clients.

    – Also I just have a feeling it may be the lawyer who’s helping Miho and her father. He’s just suspicious to me.

    Either way who it is doesn’t really matter, I’m just having serious fun theorising. A show hasn’t had me on the edge of my seat like this in a long while. Props to everyone involved, especially the writers.

    1. Omg you ain’t the only one theorizing, and i love the fact that this show has us on edge of who might be big mouse, but damn, you got some good theories and i agree with all, however i also feel the guard who is like the right hand of the warden could also be a possible lead because he looks suspicious as well

    2. My suspicion is more focused on the lawyer who is helping Miho and her dad second is Jerry third the mayor and lastly it could be his father in law for the dad I don’t know but those three i mention are hell suspicious especially Jerry and the lawyer. I’m so into this right now

  4. The Director totally has to be the woman mans was having an affair with. He asked for a cross neclace and that’s what she had on

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that big mouse is a group of people instead of a single one? One must be in prison so i think the police officer may be connected to the case and someone outside of prison taking care of people outside

  6. In my opinion I do not think Chang ho is Big Mouse. As Chang ho has said in previous episodes, he will make everyone believe that he is Big Mouse to survive in prision. Since day one in prision he oppose at first with all his heart that he wasn’t a criminal, seeing that it made no effect denying the allegations he decided to act, believe that he was actually Big Mouse… since he is so into his character (acting like an A-grade criminal) it may turn to having a multiple personality disorder. As you can see his love for his wife has not changed at all, when he is with her he turns into a very bubbly, sensitive and clumsy person (which in reality describing how he is with his wife is really not that relevant) it may feel like he changes of personality.

    I feel like Choi Do Ha could be somehow involved into the Big Mouse allegations, he could’ve probably be threatened by someone way powerful than him and lay a trap on someone innocent to hide and make new crimes. (Even though Choi Do Ha is showing curiosity and honesty when thinking if Park Chang ho is really a criminal when he is acting all innocent).

    Also bringin back that fact that Park Chang ho is really into his criminal character, the way he makes himself TRULY believe that he is Big Mouse and acting so confident in front of anyone is scaring everyone.

    You know what I mean? Like he is so into his character that he persuades in a very mentally and physically strategy… that is so scary. The aura that he shows when entering a room when he is in role is so petrifying.

    I write this knowing that I could be wrong in many ways, the show is just staring and I’m making so much rampage for just 6 episodes. You are free to write your opinion about my comment down below.

    Thank you <3

  7. My head is about to burst ?!!
    I thought the director lady would be big mouse but now i don’t think and then i thought jerry would be the big mouse or mi ho but now they’re out of my list it’s really chang ho? I still don’t think it’s him and i think big mouse is really a women like in previous ep one of the prisoner said that and she is someone we donno yet or her face doesn’t revealed yet i think that cuz why the director lady said the Security Guard not to go that room!! What’s in that room!! That’s kinda sus tho?

    1. Am I the only one who thinks the psycho prisoner on death sentence is Big Mouse?cuz all the poeple who attacked Changho except him died?and he was sitting at the table where the two prisoners ate poison and died
      I might be wrong but what if?

    1. ikr they showed a lil in the preview i really want to belive theyre just acting or somthn
      sry about the late reply Im watching it late….

  8. i think the father in law is big mouse, i feel like this might be like vincenzo and the least likely innocent looking and clueless character is the villain

  9. This series reminds me of mouse that other kdrama like what if Chang ho really is big mouth and he has split personalities or lost his memories at some point and then he can’t remember anything afterwards but remember the good parts of him like what if he’s the true villain? Now that would be epic.

  10. Starting to believe that Chango is Big Mouse. Maybe hes having issues with his memory, and that’s why hes acting like this: like hes innocent yet prosecutes the role of an A-grade criminal so well. Maybe he stayed and lost all those trials before, also mingling with the loan sharks, as it’s less likely for someone with so much money to do such things and live such a lifestyle. Other possible suspects for being the Big Mouse(at least for me) are Jerry, Chairman Yang, or a new character that will be introduced in the future.

    Any other characters don’t really fit the image of Big. And only characters that have had shots that add suspicion are Chango, Jerry, and Chairman Yang.

    But yeah. Feels odd that a normal barely a lawyer, whose circle of close ppl consist of his wife and father-in-law, would suddenly be able to do a whole 180 on characteristic and nature, and go from a goofy irresponsible Big Mouth to a plotting, cold-blooded Big Mouse.

  11. BIG MOUSE is either MiHo or Chang Ho himself, they wouldn’t name the drama BIG MOUSE, if big mouse himself is not the main lead, like almost KDRAMAS out there, TITLE of their DRAMAS has always something to do with the main leads. There will be some twist along the way but in the end there’s only 2 Big Mouse on my list, MIHO or CHANG HO. Just my thoughts

    1. I don’t think so. I guess the person behind what happen to chang ho is not called BIG MOUSE, he is someone else, this is to hide his real identity, and I guess the person behind it just created the name BIG MOUSE to finds a person where he can put the blame to and be called BIG MOUSE (Chang Ho).

  12. This is insane.. is it going to be always this intense?
    I’m I mentally prepared to watch the episodes? No. But am I going to watch them? Absolutely yes!!

  13. Theory is that park Chang Ho could be both big mouse and big mouth. You could see how fast his personality changes throughout the episodes due to him having a personality disorder and you could see in the episode 6 preview it’s like park chango personality is not big mouth anymore but big mouse. Another theory is that in episode 4 he told miho that he’s using big mouse to be release to be free as big mouse what if he framed himself and remember the mayor got a tip to hire park chango Ho what if he’s the that sent the tip so he can reveal himself as big mouse to be sent in jail. Park chango steals the money from them but what if he’s not planning to give them back the money therefore he’s using them to get out of jail to clear his name as big mouse and take the money. Another theory could be that they want us to think that park chango is the real big mouse however they will reveal the real one at the end.

  14. I was thinking that Jerry was big mouth , and he told boss the names of the drug dealers. They are keeping it a secret, or the warden is big boss he loves money so much and he stole it. then I was thinking it was the Mayors wife. she needs the money for something she is working on at the hospital. she is scary too.I do not think his big mouse. for some reason. not sure how he got the money to pay off his death or maybe someone did it for him to make it look like he really is big mouse, Like the Mayor. why is he so worried about big mouse wife. do he like her,,,,,,,, or is he really big mouse and wants his wife………I just love the way his taken control in that prison, his pretty good and can be the real big mouse,,,,,,,, but I am not sure

    1. You do know that he got 300 million because he had a bet with the vips? Of course he paid of his debt with the money he got from the bet.

    2. I guess the real big mouse is the old man who help him and stab with VIP’s guards. that guy helps ChangHo to cover Big mouse’s identity. will check the next episodes to know the truth.

    3. I don’t think he like miho he just think himself like her becoz they both fully believe on theirs partner when he heard drug dealer name he feels like he is cheating on his wife who is fully believe that he is not big mouse nd try so hard to make him out from prison that’s make him feel suspicious on his wife too i feel he will also going to douted on his wife too

    1. Lol I believe 100% Chang ho is the big mouse because if you notice when the mayor hired him as a lawyer he was making some move on his own without telling the mayor maybe he has two personalities just the movie (mouse) also

  15. Can someone explain to me why park changho is an attorney but they want him to lose the case instead of winning it for the vips to be free isn’t it supposed to be the opposite like isn’t he supposed to win it?? I am lostt

  16. Just what happened I don’t know what happend
    Actually I don’t know what’s going on I’m lost I’m not the only one right !!!
    I feel like I’m watching a New drama not the one I watched
    Just what the hell is going on
    Who is real Chang ho !!! Are we all fooled like Mi ho
    Or is Chang ho is acting like that !!!
    We are fooled in both cases but if he really is big mouse then we are double fooled by him !!
    I just can’t believe what I watched in this episode !!!

  17. Y’all this drama is NUTS AND DRIVING ME CRAZYYYY
    But I think the lady director at the hospital is the big mouse or park chang ho is the one in another case.
    The mayor guy(less suspicious) and director lady look extremely suspicious to me…

  18. aigo, kaya ayokong manood kasabay ng upload kasi laging may cliffhanger lalo na kung ganito yung genre eh.
    ayoko rin namang ipunin yung episode kasi ayoko na maulit yung na spoil ako sa kdrama na mouse pero pinanood ko pa rin tapos na realize ko na maganda sana kung pinanood ko yung mouse na hindi ako na sspoil but still that mouse kdrama is really good, namamangha pa rin ako sa mga turn of events.

    we are still at 5th episode at medyo nabibilisan ako sa story compare to other kdramas na similar din sa ganito tapos biglang may malakihang turn of events pag dating sa kalagitnaan, ayoko muna mag expect.

  19. omg…..My heart almost burst of curiosity. This is awesome. Can’t wait until tomorrow. Please upload the episode as soon as possible. Cause it’s killing me. arghhhhhhh

  20. If his wife didn’t change the names that the Mayor gave, who did it? On ep 4 the names are clearly different in the two scenes

  21. Moment of silence to appreciate everyone whos been waiting for this episode aaaaaaaa immmm super excited

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