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100 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 6

    1. That’s the only reliable sense of humor, It surely could be any body, buh the real culprits are 4 here, the doctor lady, The Warden, Jerry or Changho Himself

  1. I guess big mouse is the warden haha, his eyes look sharp and suspicious while assisting Chang ho and also he can enter the jail during working hours and exit during break…

  2. Been seeing a lot of people saying that it might be a personality disorder, and that could be the case, but then I thought of ‘Mouse’ [Lee Seungi’s drama] the plot twist was so unexpected.

    I have a few people that are erring me out, like Jerry, he’s been his ‘right hand man’ all along, and surprise, surprise, he was the one who found Changho passed out. He’s also always there during any crucial moment, also it might be obvious but, Big Mouse, Jerry? Yeah, he explained it, but still doesn’t make it less suspicious.

    Miho is a candidate, I can totally see her being big mouse in the end, again, for anyone who’s ever watched the drama ‘Mouse’, you’d understand why not all characters are showing us their hands, they have hidden cards too. Personas you could say [Changho /did/ mention Carl Jung’s theory]

    I never thought of the room leader being a possible candidate as Big Mouse, but boy oh boy, are the comments convincing. It could also explain why he’d get himself stabbed instead of Changho, and the whole thing about ‘reading futures’. ‘Big Mouse’ and Changho are communicating via Tarot cards.

    I read a theory saying that it could be a network of people, and that could be true, we might be thinking that it’s only one person, but it could end up being all of the main cast as ‘Big Mouse’. Theories aside, this literally is one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve seen in a while, Lee Jongsuk’s acting is out of this world, it’s so fascinating seeing his face being blank, but eyes full of different emotions.

  3. why is no one talking about the jail officer , i cant stop thinking that he is the big mouse or maybe the big mouse loyal servant .. he is capable of all the things that happened until now

    1. I think so too and Chang Ho friend, the lawyer. What if he is in love with miho and wants her to himself? The only way is to send the husband to prison and have her forever. Don’t forget he was a lawyer too and better than Chang ho so he worked with the mayor so they both get what they want. He also has access to Chang Jo’s office and it’s easy changing big mouth to big mouse.Or it can be the dead professor’s gf because she wants the husband stuck in there and what better way is better than turning their lawyer against them And turning him to big mouse that’s herself. Remember, big mouse wants to punish the person who killed the professor and the only person who was In love with him was the her. She had the evidence too but why would the husband entrust it to someone he was doubting during their marriage ?

  4. For me his fan is the big mouse. He is not big mouse all knows. But till now for me our good vincenzo boy is the big mouse.🤚

  5. i have the certatinti that Big Mouse is his henchman / right hand the betting scene and also all betting scenes you will see on his wrist a mouse tatto wich he draws everywhere ……

  6. I feel like Kdramas always have some plot twist… My guess is still the Director/Doctor..the mayor’s wife..Ha!

  7. Okay i think it’s the guard, like Big Mouse is someone who can be inside and outside of the prison, And Jerry is def related with him in some way, i just want the next ep omggg

    1. Is there any more episodes coming????? Or is 6 all of them??? I hope there is more because this has me on stuck the way it ended 😡 Please someone let me know ASAP

  8. the room leader is the big mouse, miho is the room leader missing daughter , he trap changho bcs changho was his son in law, miho isnt her father real daughter

    1. i was thinking this but then why did miho’s ‘fake’ father take her and whats the room leaders goal, if he really was big mouse he wouldnt have been in prison unless it was to meet changho even then its never stated that he comes from money

  9. Bruh the room leader, Jerry, Miho and her father. They all look sus to me. My guts are telling me that maybe it’s Miho or Jerry idk what to believe anymore 😭

  10. Am i the only one that’s suspecting miho’s father?? Like he just seems sus to me, plus the gard . But im expecting a BIG plot txist to happen.

    1. Imagine it’s the room leader lol, look at when everyone bows to the changho’s wife he doesn’t. just speculating
      I love deducting things over the period of the show makes it more interesting like you are actually there.

        1. true but he could be testing him to see his loyalty and if he could use him as big mouse cover second is if he finds his daughter changho might suspect him as big mouse. we never know

    1. totally agree , that is what I was about to write its a whooole new level. This drama should have all the awards of the years for actors supporting directing any kind of reward and all …… can’t wait a week for the new episode ;(

  11. i really think big mouse is the guard, who could’ve given the prisoners the poison to commit suicide without being seen? who was always watching the prisoners? who MAYBE could’ve given a note to changho the real drug dealer names? that’s right it’s MAYBE the guard

    1. maybe, also he has seen all visits that changho had including when he was telling his wife he is going to pretend to survive, if its not him then he is getting money from the real big mouse

  12. i think big mouse os either jerry, but kinda obvious or the guard(that works on the prison) what better place to be a criminal right?
    or in the end is just changho

  13. I guess the person behind it is not called BIG MOUSE, he is someone else, this is to hide his real identity, and I guess the person behind it just created the name BIG MOUSE to finds a person where he can put the blame to and be called BIG MOUSE (Chang Ho). I don’t think Jerry is big mouse, he might know who’s the person behind it all. I am curious as well if what’s behind the blue wall of the supply room.

  14. Omg!!!! The forehead exposed chan ho and the wink gave me “w.two world” kang cheol vibe…he is dmn Handsome!!🥶😉
    At 1st i suspect jerry then in ep 5 i take out him from my suspection list but this ep 6 gave a strong vibe that if he is not the big mouse then he is someone who is close to big mouse or big mouse pupil😬
    And i’m now starting to suspect gong jihoon’s wife… She is being soo childish and thats sus!!
    But the sp7 preview gave me chills😳😳😳
    How can i spent a week while waiting 😭😭

  15. I starting to think that the warden might be Big Mouse. He is the only one who can make thing possible in prison. And he did claim that he is Big Mouse in this episode. Easter Egg?

  16. holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy [email protected] this is the best thing i have watched in the past 3 years specially this episode was so good and cold i was holding my breatch just watching 3 times throughout the whole episode.

  17. I always knew that Jerry had something to do with big mouse or he is the big mouse ughh can’t wait for the next episode

  18. This movie is giving me joy 💋💋🌹🌹💜😍😍❤️😘🌹🔥🔥💗💯💕🥰. This is super I can’t wait for the next episode to be out. Both actors are the best my love 😍 for Korean movie is 💯💯💯💯💯

  19. I knew Jerry had something to do with this , I still think his big mouth .. but will have to see. I love both those actors , they make a great team Jerry and Fake big mouse.. lolol Two amazing actors …….. Great drama ,

  20. Ik that Jerry is related with big mouse let’s see how the truth will be fold and who is the big mouse 10more episodes to go can’t sleep peacefully at night:)

  21. Good thing, chang ho is not the big mouse, the writer is brilliant, y’all guys never get bored with old kdrama style—with like dual/multiple personality, that’s already an old story, another week for an overthinking whose the real big mouse here!!

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