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85 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 8

  1. I think it’s unfair to people who are yet to watch the series so spoiling it for them it’s absolutely wrong! Keep your opinion to yourself

  2. I guess 1 thing is for sure and that is big mouse attacked the NR forum and stole the 100billion coz he has bad blood with the elder and prolly smthin related to his past

    1. agreed! maybe Changho is the twin brother of Big Mouse which is why he is also protecting Changho. But it’s so confusing how Big Mouse knows everything, like the gold. so excited to watch the next episodes.

  3. Chang ho staying on “W Hotel” and wearing that black outfit with black cap!!! All of this is just reminding me of “W two world” ?‍♀️ like i didn’t move on from there yet and it’s keep roaming round and circle on my mind?

  4. I think jerry and chang ho’s friend is not that innocent how they look!!
    And the phone call scene on chang ho’s friends phone maked me more sus?
    And what if all the accident and others was jerry’s plan?? He intentionally got hit and all of this is staged!!
    Lee jong suk’s acting is on another level!! He never disappoints us…i’m soo happy to become his fan otherwise i’ll miss this masterpiece?

  5. hm why is no one guessing park chang ho’s lawyer? i mean he was there since it all started. he was even working in the same building with chang ho. About the video from chang ho’s phone from last episode, the one who gave the phone was his lawyer?

  6. I can’t accept that his father is big mouse and want to make him strong so he can become next big mouse bcos çhangho will never want to be big mouse

  7. 1) I think the grandfather might be big boss cuz he said he will only chose the one who’s wroth it maybe that’s why he is playing this game.

    2) I suspect Mayor choi I feel like he is taking some kind of revenge cuz obv every member think so low of him and after seeing the photo it might be something from the past that is making him do this but also he was the one who got Park Chang Ho into this mess.

    3) The Prison Old Guy ( I don’t know his name) who was playing chess with the officer but also don’t understand the reason why he is doing it.

    4) I’m confused about jerry maybe he works for BIG MOUSE cuz why would he get so close to Park Chang Ho I know he said he was a big fan of BIG MOUSE which is confusing cuz he said he would never kill someone then why is he a fan of big mouse cuz that’s what big mouse does? but at the same time the tattoo on his arm makes me think he is big mouse.

  8. orphanage big mouse organization and changho is the real big mouse but he doesn’t know cause his sibling appointed him.

  9. Man i don’t know what to believe anymore in this drama. When Changho revealed out of the blue the place where 100 billion won are hidden it turned out true. Now i have this thought that maybe Changho is really Big Mouse but he has some kind of mental issue with his brain so maybe he forgot. But then there’s at the end where Jerry isn’t dead and he’s Big Mouse. My head is about to explode. ??

    1. One bar of gold is not 100 billion won and he seemed surprised there was actually anything there , he was lying , he named a place he and Miho used to hike at , if you noticed that the gold was actually somewhere else being loaded onto a truck .

  10. I think maybe they haven’t even show us big mouse yet.. Big mouse is probably only using his connections to help changho like he wouldn’t take the risk.. also I doubt Jerry is big mouse because big mouse won’t be so careless… unless jerry faked his death so that people won’t know he’s big mouse if he really is but again I doubt big mouse is jerry
    Also I don’t think big mouse is not the father of changho who wants to test him for the succession.. 1st if he wanted to test him, he wouldn’t help him so much
    I also doubt big mouse is the security guard it doesn’t make much sense
    I feel like until now the writers have kept big mouse’s identity hidden

  11. I’ll suspect so much of them remember anybody who know that changho isnt big mouse was dead but why miho doesnt is it because changho is her husband

    And about the warden guard his act is so strange

    Or maybe changho has twin
    Or the prosecutor who was with gong jihoon
    I don’t there is so much wtb u guys!?

  12. Well there are a lot of people That I’m suspecting them to be big mouse but jerry is not one of them ,I’m pretty sure that jerry isn’t big mouse , and i think the one who killed doctor seo is the women who own the hospital “ I forgot her name “ cuz she is the most suspicious person, and remember always people with glasses and calm ,least suspicion, are the criminal who we look for oh and one thing i think that mayor choi is the elder’s son 🙂

    1. Woaahhhh..Mayor choi, the elder’s son or grandson???? We’ll sees..there is definitely SOMETHING between those two..good catch!

      1. Well yeah or maybe the elder is the one who got mayor choi ‘s father to fail at his company and drove him to his death but there’s definitely something between them

  13. The series is getting intense day by day. But for some reason I feel like jerry is not the big mouse. May be I’m wrong. So let’s wait until next Friday.
    WOOOW this week is going to be hard cause I don’t have that much patience.

  14. Alright I kinda already figured out the drama
    1. Dr. Seo’s paper probably has to do with past workers in the Chemical lab (owned by the elder or smth) and then they must have had bad practices or forced the workers to continue doing research without telling them about the actual dangers. Then they do the DNR so that these people can’t be studied for the chemicals in their body, hence the cancer ward

    2. Jerry is most likely Big Mouse as many have figured out. My reasoning is actually quite simple, lmao. Tom and Jerry. His name isn’t just jerry for a reason. Rather, it is a reference to that cartoon, in which jerry is the mischievous mouse. Alternatively, it could be the lawyer, who hasn’t really played a big part in any of the scenes but notice the word “any of the scenes.” He’s been in every crucial step of Changho throughout the drama, having the proper connections, and helping the mc “trap” Big Mouse

  15. My theory is changho is the lost gandson of chairman. I think the chqirman son had an affair and her mother left him in the orphanage…but i thnk the chairman found out who he was and created big mouse to this him he has the will to be the next chairman….after watching so many kdrama with so many plot twsit and flashback…..this might be correct…hahaha….we dont even know changho parents..

    1. this is also my theory since he was from the orphanage and might be a son of BM and their organization prolly put him on a situation where he was framed to be BM. They want him to be ready to handle the BM’s org lol hope our theories are correct hehehhe

    2. Agree with you. im so suprise about chang ho is orphange. i think chang ho is sibling with mayor choi. so many suprising after flasback. im sure Chang Ho is big mouse. can’t wait for next episode.

  16. Wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry is Big Mouse. The silhouette of the person who masked Chang-ho in Episode 5 (18:18) when he’s talking to his wife resembles Jerry. I might be wrong, maybe I’m right

  17. Am i the only one who thinks that ChangHo is Actually Big Mouse? What if he has some personality disorder? Like how it was in Bad and Crazy. He might not be aware of himself . This is just my own personal prediction, let’s see what happens.

  18. I think big mouse is his father…and all of it will inherit to chang ho…thats why he chooses him …cause he will be the next big mouse..and everything he’s been through is a challenge..of how fat he can do .if he become the Big mouse ??…☺️☺️ Just saying lol?

  19. Just an amazing episode like always
    Lee Jong Suk really is doing his best
    Can’t wait for next week 🙁
    Too many mystery to be solved hope they can do it well till the end
    Big mouth the Best ✓

  20. ???? to all the cast of big mouse especially the writer and the director your the best but super super super the best the main lead actor lee jung suk ??????…

  21. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow the episode was epic , it was so intense . this drama is beyond incredible , I really like Jerry but as the events goes on I didn’t have time to feel sad for his death . just whomever isn’t watching this drama is his/ her loss

    1. nooo jerry is not dead if you see the last sec of this episode you will see jerry alive and not dead at the hospital

  22. i swear the only reason i continue watching this is bc the sneak peek always sounds like they are going to reveal who big mouse is on the next ep BUT IT DIDNT AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT FOR ANOTHER WEEK TO FIND OUT who’s with me?

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