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41 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022) Episode 9

  1. Suspect the unexpected. Big mouse could very well be Soon Tae. He knows every Chang Ho’s movement and plans. Another big candidate could be Seo Jae Yong. His death wasn’t really confirmed or brought to the surface. Who knows what happen to his body.

  2. I feel like big mouse might be twin brother or something like that… i feel mayor could be a right hand or something of big mouse or it could be anything else i feel they might reveal big mouse in ep 10 or maybe by 13 maxi becz usually in these type of drama they expose things 2 or 3 episode before it ends

  3. for sure i dont think that big mouse is the mayor or jerry. the plot will end very soon, there must be a huge a** plot twist. i still think that changho is big mouse or he has a secret twin brother.

  4. IDK but everyone is suspicious, I feel like if it were Choi Doha or jerry it would be so obvious. I feel like there is going to be a huge plot twist that nobody expected. I need to know who is a big mouse. i am sure its not Choi Doha or jery

  5. I can not believe that the mayor is big mouse no no no . for the 8 p.m. appointment I am sure he sent Jerry instead

  6. me :- I think at the end of this ep mayor choi is the one in the prayer room but he is just a diversion of the actual big mouse.
    who knows, we might even get hints as to who the actual big mouse is in ep 10
    I really hope jerry and changho stay friend and that jerry would get to know about the actual note

    my brother :- I think that the actual big mouse will show himself in the 15th or 16th episode

  7. me :- I think at the end of this ep mayor choi is the one in the prayer room but he is just a diversion of the actual big mouse. who knows, we might even get hints of who is the actual big mouse in ep 10
    I really hope jerry and changho stay friends

    my brother :- I think that the actual big mouse will show himself in the 15th or 16th episode.

  8. Anyone else think the Mayor killed Hyejin?

    Also I don’t think the Mayor is Big Mouse.. I think he is a major accomplice but not Big Mouse. Same with Jerry..

    Aaaahh this drama!! DAEBAKKK

  9. oki so i think that mayor Choi is not the Big Mouse. Cus why would Big Mouth call him Big Mouse even after knowing who he is. He seems calm when the mayor is around as well. The mayor’s wife seems to be put in danger towards the end and i think that Big Mouse its doing that to get revenge on the elder maybe? idk this is getting more and more confusing with each episode. Right when i think that ik who Big Mouse is smthing happens.??

    1. for me, Big Mouse is the twin brother of Changho or his father. coz he always protects Changho. he is not using Changho I’m sure. he just protecting.

  10. They are making it look like the mayor is big mouth , he did have all that gold too. But I think he works for big mouse and Gerry is big mouse… or working for him.. I really do not know any more……… maybe its a women.. not a man….could be mini mouse lolol.. can not wait til tomorrow see who it is.

  11. Guys remember that Big Mouse is not a “good guy”. Not even only 1 guy. It is a drug cartel. Makes no sense this talk of “oh i wish Chang Ho was big mouse.” It is really nice the way he is playing to be Big Mouse. But Big Mouse is not only 1 person. It’s a organization. There are people on the jail, among the intents, among the guards…in hospitals..everywhere….and even if they may be “helping” Chang Ho, due self interests, it’s not a kind of heroic organization..or heroic person …a kind of robin wood…that steals from the rich…as you guys seem to be perceiving…due to the way Chang Ho is playing Big Mouse. It’s a organization involved in a lot of crimes, drug dealing, murders…and so it goes…

    But this being said

    I suspected Choi Doha, at first…his attitudes were way to in sinc. Chang Ho was framed after asking choi doha for help. In the list situation, his act seemed very much planed to avoid “being discovered”…as for to have an alibi. when Chang Ho started to make decisions and to promise things as big mouse…in on of the visits the major said to Chang Ho…”how i havent noticed you were manipulating me?” (somethinglike that..don’t quite remember the words)… And stuf like that…but even this chapter showing him with the gold…I don’t think his is big mouse anymore. But I think his wife can be related somehow. Due to the drugs the intents are taking in prison as if were vitamins…the experiments…and so goes on…he seemed quit foolish to be big mouth…once the 3 guys instigating him could easily be recording.

    Look how crazy, but I think Choi Doha stole the gold big mouse had stole. And Big Mouse wants Chang Ho to find it.

    Doha planned to use Chang Ho…to get rid of the 3 guys an Jihoo…Big mouse grasped the chance and started to use Chango Ho to get Choi Doha.

    But strangelly I am also starting to think Miho’s father can be involved with big mouse.

    1. so doha was the one who framed changho. Doha might plotting a revenge against the elder, there was a picture before that includes a little boy, everythime doha looks at it her jaw is clenching. There’s a reason why he married the director (his wife). What if Doha and Changho are siblings in the end?

  12. Excited for ep.10..please release it soon..
    Can’t wait to know who’s that bigmouse is??
    So thrilling?

  13. Well not surprised if it was Jerry or mayor choi !!! Everyone was a suspect ( I was suspecting myself as well hhhhh )
    I don’t think mayor choi was that good , he was hiding too much & I saw in early episodes how hye Jin was afraid of him !!
    But he staged everything like 2 car accidents !! Yet no one suspected him !!
    Tomorrow’s episode will probably answer some questions

  14. I think that maybe choi doha is somehow involved, but it doesn’t make any sense that he is big mouse, at the beginning he was searching for him himself and thought he even had his notebook with all the clients name remember? like was he playing some game or what? and jerry damn i had a feeling he survived and involved, like all the clues. I’m not sure yet who is big mouse, can’t wait for tommorrow’s episode, I sure think it will be unexpected.
    I sure have to say changho’s acting skills as bif mouse are incredible, it makes me think how an ordinary person is such a great leader who intimidates eveyone, maybe there’s a reason he was chosen to play that role…

  15. I just wanna know what was in that note that man gave jerry and why he ripped it. And what if that man wrote something else on it and gave it to him

    1. what…do you want Chang Ho was a drug dealer, murder..? Big mouse is not a fucking robin wood. what is cool is the manner Chang Ho portraits big mouse.

  16. Whatttt what the fuckkkkkk sooo you are telling me thattt that fking Choi Doha is the big mouse!!! Nopeee this can’t happen whatt!! He can’t be the big mouse please ? if park changho was the big mouse then I would’ve so much happier ???

      1. I do not agree if Changho will be the Big Mouse, he is so innocent. maybe his brother or father is the big mouse since he was from Orphanage.


      1. its probably deeper and has to do with mayor choi’s past, which the elder may have something to do with, maybe a wider revenge plot on the mayors part

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