Bloody Heart (2022) Episode 16

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3 Comments to “Bloody Heart (2022) Episode 16

  1. Average ending …would have thought to finish off in a nail biting challenge to the last breath that was how it was throughout. 9.8/10 for me. Great script. Music on point. I have soundtrack now. Best actors:

    Park/King – Both excellent. Masters of their emotions, actions and words.
    Consort Park – Great. Calm but calculating
    Queen Dowager – Awesome as well …unpredictable and deadly
    Kings Bodyguard – Lethal

    Should have been 40 episodes. we can see how Q. Dowager gets her revenge or Chois. Too soon to see Counsellor Park gone. ..cos afterall, he is the life of the story.
    Thank you for sharing …and plse drama makers …make more !!!! 16 episodes is not enough …🙂

  2. It ends already. There should be a P2 because the next enemy will be Lady Cho, and his family. Looking forward for that next storyline

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