Bloody Heart (2022) Episode 8

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10 Comments to “Bloody Heart (2022) Episode 8

  1. Oh My GOODNESS everything came into place he spent the night with his true love 🀭 wish them happiness also it looks like the left state counselor respects lady park for trying to give up her life for her people and country but he still has no excuses for everything he’s done.

  2. goose bump again for this super wonderful episode, its a combination of historical drama of Dong Yi and Empress Ki. This is so good. Lady Park is a picture of an amazing ruler – Queen. So His Majesty spent the night with Lady Park and the Monk foresee a powerful King which is their son. Daebak to this drama…..Congratulations.

  3. he walks and the aura around him, the composure, the steps the stare, the look everything is short words
    ‘ PERFECTION”. he is in definition “POWER”

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