Catch the Ghost


A romantic investigative drama about a rookie detective who constantly gets herself into trouble and her partner who always cleans up the whole mess she leaves behind. Young detective Yoo Ryung (Moon Geun Young) has a twin sister with autism who once disappears. To find her, she is transferred to the metro police station. Here she investigates various cases with her special perception and overflowing sense of justice, but always gets into trouble because of her rash actions. Her partner, Go Ji Suk (Kim Sun Ho), a man who avoids cases and seeks stability, has to clean up the problems caused by her.

Also known as: 유령을 잡아라 / Catch the Ghost / Catch Yoo-Ryung / Yooryungeul Jabara


Status: Completed

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12 Comments to “Catch the Ghost

  1. Loved the drama. Seon Ho let his adorkable self shine through and the other characters were great too. Gripping storyline that wasnt easy to guess and cute ending. The only negative for me was the completely unrealistic portrayal of dementia, but everything else was great. Would recommend to watch 🙂

  2. The lead actress is crazy, selfish and not suppose to be a policeman, she acts as if her case is the only matter and obstruct other cases while trying to solve her own sister case. The lead actor is poorly treated, only every time she causes trouble for him, she ends up saying sorry and that’s it. No remorse, no nothing for him, after she stole his key, lied to him(as a partner) several times and lied while chasing the criminals, using her current position to solve homicide case, and he takes the blame, being misunderstood by his supervisor and almost lost his job, now no home, no work, only to find out she tried all her sh*t to solve her sister case? idk if he is an idiot or too nice IF he forgives her. I prefer the second female lead, she may hold grudge over the first lead actress, but she has more gut than her, and being more reasonable, I hope they don’t let the first lead actor forgives the first lead actress easily and she comes back after everything she did.

    1. He once was just like her , crazy ,and obssess to get a case sloved in any way possible ” they showed it when he was with Mari “, that’s why he never get that angery from her and turn eye blind on most of the things she does , and the reason he restricted himself was becauce of the illness of his mother , he didnt want to put himself into dangerious situation again where he could lose his life just so he can care for his mom .

      Being poorly isnt a thing when he knew the consequences , he couldve controlled her but he was half in , and i think at this point his only mad about the situation because she kinda betrayed him , if she told him i am pretty sure he would help her even to get in the tunnel , i am not that satusfied with her character but instill think they are so compatible and i love the dramma sooo sooo much its one of my favourite , i really like them as a couple

  3. am i the one who is truly feeling bad for lieutenant ma ri!!though lead actor n actress are my favourite but why korean director, writer split the first love,… women had the one sided hidden feelings till the end … i felt bad

    1. When the drama started i was afraid of watching this i thought abother ghost drama again like The Guest but i Start watching with my friend’s Oh My this drama us too good I’ve never get bored and Kim sun ho is good actor in 100 day my prince as well i start he’s act ???

  4. Woah! Thank you so much for the updated upload. Loving this drama makes me stuck for a few days waiting for the next episode. GeunSeon couple is the sweetest couple nowadays, love them both. Catch the Ghost hwaiting!

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