Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022) Episode 2

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16 Comments to “Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022) Episode 2

  1. I don’t understand how the classmates suddenly stopped being ghost and help get the dude off the bully but when the other dude was getting beat up they acted like they was playing red light green light

  2. i read the manhwa to this already and I just saw that they are making the drama so I’m pretty excited to see my fave manhwa come to life …although I know the whole story I still love this ..

    ps: to the company who is making this I love you SARANGHAE

  3. fakkkkkkkk— i can feel all the doki doki my heart is making. Bby bommieee, bby taesung doesnt want you as his brother cuz he wants you to be his wi-…..

    ohhh andd after ol my calculations after rereading the manhwa each episode probably covers 5 and half chapters thusss this drama will prolly only cover the season 1 and 10 s2 chapters :((( we be lucky asf if theres s2 of the drama tho..
    cant wait for ep 3 ajdjdjdncdjkd

      1. you can search online by it’s name , its the same name as the drama. and ya please be prepare for all those flirty, lovely and naughty lines. warning: you will not able to stop yourself from reading the mangwa.and you gonna want more and more chapters after chapter and can only get relief after reading the whole drama. ok bye

  4. Seeing Tae kicking and punching Haebom’s bully,felt reaaaaally refreshing ?
    Ps,i hope this series has atleast 15 or + episodes.. I’m loving it!!?

        1. Thye is only going to be covering season 1 of the manhwa, so at the pace, they are going they should be fine. I hope that if this series does well we can get a season 2 centered around s2 of the manhwa, though you really can’t go past that since that’s when the explicit stuff starts.

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