Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022) Episode 4

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18 Comments to “Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022) Episode 4

  1. S P O I L E R but not really

    now i wanna see that scene live action in 4k when they had a project then bommie got drunk and said adorable things and sulked to taesung while yonghee was just there dying laughing..😭

  2. I reread the manhwa and just realized how ACCURATE this adaptation is. Even some of the lines in the manhwa are here. So coolll i love it 😭💗

  3. I really really love the story, the lines, the character, and specially the cast, i cant wait for the nxt episode,i dont know how can i move on, with it? If this drama will end soon, i know this is too early to request or to say this, i hope there will be a season 2, im a fan of a BL k dramas, i dont know im always in love when i watch this kind of drama with romance, im a woman and have a kids also, but i cant explaine the impact to my self every time i watch this kind of drama, ive watch a lot of BL drama like this and semantic error but i cant help my self to think about it…i felt im one of the character in this drama, i even hope that there wi be a season 2, same as i wish in semantic error, you are my star, and lot more ..pls..pls….pls….writer nim, hope for season 2 and pls drama cool pls remove the ads,…its really annoying,..writer nim, fighting ….

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