Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022) Episode 8

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16 Comments to “Cherry Blossoms After Winter (2022) Episode 8

  1. This is actually a sweet and simple storyline that has laid the groundwork for a boss season 2. I could have wished for more drama in the storyline but makesure better than cocksure. The scenery is light and helps carry the story. Costumes were well suited to the actors. Great job set-crew. The level 10/10 acting so on point as to warrent a season 2. It’s ? from me.

  2. this is the most lovely BL i have ever watched honestly one of my fav and i wish it had more episodes

  3. This series was so cute!! Ahhh i wished it had more eps :’p
    This is honestly my most fav bl drama yet! I loved the chemistry between the two. God i wish it had more eps or a season 2 <3333

  4. i lovedd itttttt!! as much as i wholeheartedly loved the manhwa!! <3333 tho they skipped some parts.. but we goood i wish theres another season!

  5. This was beautifully done. Every episode was great. It made my heart flutter. The actors were a great, lovely couple. I’m so excited about coming home late to watch the ending.

  6. Loved this series till the end.
    Thanks to the actors,writers and the entire team who made this drama posible. Also thanks to @Dramacool for the uploads ??

  7. This manhua was one of my very favorites!!!! Thank you to the great cast and all the behind the camera stuff who did an amazing job playing and delivering the story’s characters and feelings!! The chemistry was wonderful between the two actors and i’d be so glad to see them in another drama!! <3

  8. OMG i cant get over, specially the scene how hae bom proposed to tae song, season 2 pls, till they married .and congrats PD nim, for the great story line…

  9. Thank you for keeping love blooming in my heart every time I watched. May you continue to prosper in your future endeaviurs.

    Even from the Caribbean your acting skills shone bright. Great storyline, great cast.

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