Crash Course in Romance (2023) Episode 7

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12 Comments to “Crash Course in Romance (2023) Episode 7

  1. all yall weirdos talking abt the age of the FL like it matters? whats so hard abt seeing 2 adults in a relationship dynamic? and she does look young bffr. this part abt the drama is literally what makes it stand out. yall 12 yr olds need to behave

  2. The “mother” is supposed to be like 10~15 years older than the daughter, or around that age gap.. instead we have an actress that could very much be her mother even in real life….

    1. Yes I thought the same thing. When the ML said that she was too young to be a mother, I was like…whaaaaaaat? She looks really old.

  3. Like sheesh why did they have to age her that much if the 2 adult leads are supposed to be around the same age. She looks old enough to be his mom. Hope they aren’t supposed to be romantically involved cause I really don’t see the dynamic in that relationship. I thought they were both supposed to be in their mid 30’s but they got a female actress that’s in her 50’s and it shows while he’s in his 40’s but could still pass for late 30’s. Now if they had been someone like Kim Hee Sun or Jang Nara then it would be more believable.

    1. Does it really shake you to your core to see two adults in a romantic relationship? What is it that scares you so much with an older woman cast in a role like that? I’m sorry to inform you, but there’s attractive women in their 50s pulling younger men. Many wrinkly male actors get cast in roles much younger than their actual age with younger female actresses and never do we see comments like this appear. Behave.

      1. She doesn`t need to “behave” Everyone can have their own opinion about what is considered a big age gap in a relationship. For a lot of people, the dynamic is still good when the man is older and that is also okay. It probably doesnt align with your feminist views, but do not force your opinions on others. Personally, Im not on bord with this bc she is supposed to be and LOOK “young” in the story line. Believability matters to me.

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