Crash Landing on You


Yoon Se Ri is the wealthy heiress to a large corporation based in South Korea. One of her passion is to go for paragliding. However, one day due to the high winds, she had to make an emergency landing in North Korea. The North Korean Officer guarding the border post is Ri Jung Hyuk who comes to her rescue in order to protect her from the other guards. This journey together leads to a story of love as they start falling for each other.

Also known as: 사랑의 불시착 / Salangui Bulsichag / Sarangui Bulsichag / Breakdown of Love / The Crash of Love / Crash Landing Of Love / Love’s Crash Landing / Love’s Emergency Landing / Emergency Love Landing


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87 Comments to “Crash Landing on You

  1. tolong dong dramacool bikin subtitle indonesianya biar ga enak.. karna ada vocab yg ga tau dan mesti translate lagi. ribetkan 😭

  2. Thank you CLOY cast and crew! You made my quarantine period exciting. I never had to go out of my house anymore because I was so entertained with this K-drama. You just protected me from COVID-19. Hahahaha. But seriously! This is one of Hyun Bin’s best Kdrama. At least this one has a happy ending unlike Memories of Alhambra.

  3. This kdrama is sooooo heartwarming and cute 💖💖💖💖💖.
    It made my last few days and i will probably have to watch it again extremly soon.

  4. Why did it have to end? This was so good. Of course, the lead actors were perfect but the supporting cast enriched the production. My Saturday and Sunday Netflix waking up to Hyun Bin will not be the same.

  5. A love between a south and North Korean couple that their love is like a battlefield alongside their Wolfpacks who brightens the show with comedy, friendship, brotherhood, family, and love. The couple are unconditionally in love through solidify entanglement that cannot be severed. A guy who looks like a goblin goes after the lady but a knight with broad shoulders protects his boundful wife. A love story indeed 😭😭😭 YOU GOTTA LOVE IT IF YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH A BATTLEFIELD OF LOVE THEN THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO SEE THIS DRAMA THERE IS NO TIME TO HOLD BACK TEARS!!! *Me crying right now*

  6. Episode 7 and 8 wont air this week😥😭

    “Crash Landing On You” To Take Temporary Hiatus This Week

    Dec 31, 2019
    by K. Z
    The tvN drama “Crash Landing on You” starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will not be airing this week.

    The upcoming episodes, which were due to air on January 4 and 5, were cancelled for broadcast by tvN. The temporary hiatus is due to the fact that the drama films as the episodes air. To protect the cast and crew from unsafe filming conditions, the production team decided to postpone the filming schedule.

    On December 31, a representative from the drama told StarNews, “Due to the cold winter weather, the producers behind ‘Crash Landing on You’ decided to take a break this week so that the actors and staff members remain safe and healthy.” The representative made no statement about plans for next week’s broadcasts.

    In place of the postponed new episodes, tvN will air reruns of previous episodes that have been specially re-edited for viewers. The popular drama and its cast has continued to top buzzworthy drama rankings since its first episode aired back on December 14.

  7. this wld be one of my fave kdramas of all time! it’s unique & the leads are awesome overload! i’ve always love hyun bin and son ye jin from when i started watching kdramas and these two never ceased to amaze me! i can’t wait for epis 7! thnx DC you’re da best!

    1. Where is episode 7😭… why? Where? I just cant wait for the new episode.. what will happen to Captain Ri? Will se-ri able to go back to south korea? Oh…just cannot imagine what will happen in new episode.. kindly release it sooner😭

  8. Apparently Ep 7 and 8 won’t air this weekend (Sat & Sun) because they are filming the drama as it airs, but the weather was unsafe for the actors and staff so they delayed the airing (from news article). For anyone else waiting…

  9. Ep Airing Date
    1 December 14, 2019
    2 December 15, 2019
    3 December 21, 2019
    4 December 22, 2019
    5 December 28, 2019
    6 December 29, 2019
    7 January 4, 2020
    8 January 5, 2020
    9 January 11, 2020
    10 January 12, 2020
    11 January 18, 2020
    12 January 19, 2020
    13 January 25, 2020
    14 January 26, 2020
    15 February 1, 2020
    16 February 2, 202

      1. the broadcast in Korea got pushed back to 11th January. that’s why the ep 7 & 8 haven’t been published on the Internet

  10. A bunch of heavyweight stars in Dramas right now: Stove League, Black Dog, Diary of a Prosecutor, Love with Flaws, Woman on 9.9 Billion, Chocolate.
    But, this drama is the only one that kept my attention after the first few episodes.

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