Crazy Love (2022) Episode 5

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8 Comments to “Crazy Love (2022) Episode 5

  1. Everyone is saying that the lead actress is foolish and why did she stayed for 1 year she could have left but I think she wanted to become an instructor in his company that’s y she endured but became sick so now she wants revenge…u go girl but don’t hurt him that much😁

  2. This is the first time I’m seriously annoyed with the female lead. The character is annoyingly petty af with her stupid revenge. She’s mad at him for the way he treated her as an employee but yet she’s the one that chose to keep working for him for a year. All the employees looked down on her and treated her like a servant yet she doesn’t go after them for revenge

  3. Does anyone else think the premise of the drama is screwed???
    NO-ONE forced the female lead to work there for a year.
    NO one forced her to keep popping pills instead of going to a doctor.
    Gojin worked his way to the top through hardships. He didn’t slide up to the top.

    The female lead is foolish for placing the blame of her actions on him alone.

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