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15 Comments to “Dear.M (2022) Episode 12

  1. Its a nice drama to kill time! The ending was unexpected but i had a little doubt that it would be gil mok jin as he was always the first one to tell about the post but after that number thing i started thinking of jaehyun anyways. Oh i feel bad for yi dam he’s so handsome but he didn’t even get to give jimin the gift😔! And i think the end for ro sa is okay . This drama wasn’t thst bad.

      1. Thank you Paula ❤.
        @Ninja, you really don’t know anything about KDrama’s for you to hate it. #hater
        Dear.M was great 💕

  2. Dear. M Review

    At First I wouldn’t have thought this drama would be my favorite cause of the rumors at first I was so happy when Jeahyun was announced to Be In A K-Drama But After Watching It It’s Top Notch An dNow My New Favorite Drama

    Storyline :
    The storyline is very good, it was amazing. It was a sweet college drama. Everyone just loved the spice and drama and romance. They also had sad moments. I loved how you would follow them and Find out who Dear. M Was And how you wouldn’t guess who it was I also loved how they added So-Ra as mean girl who was a home-wrecking annoying Backstabber I also loved Moon-Joon at first I loved him so much I loved how they made him break her heart and how he was afraid of his father he was he wanted to be perfect for him and when he stood up to his father Aish I love that moment.

    Characters :
    The characters are so lovable, it has so many different personalities you’re all going with the story lanes. There’s always a twist and turns that you’ll never know will happen and there’s some characters that you just can’t stop, but to hate.

    ENDING : Episode ; 12
    The ending was amazing. I wouldn’t have expected Dear. m To Be Mok Jin Like How They Gave Us Cules Like The Drink Cap As It Was A Heart. Drawing, even the bracelet. but Overall Best Drama Of 2022 If You Want Something That Have A Unexpected End College love College Drama You Should Definitely Watch It


  3. Now I got this the real one behind the post of Dear.M on Seorab was Gil Mok Jin.It was fun watching this drama,it’s like a therapy.For me it’s totally a streesbuster, first I was not so interested when I saw the teaser and then when I started watching this drama,I’m addicted and more curious about what’s going to happen next.But this drama ends so quickly,now I’m Missing it༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  4. Loved this Kdrama! Jaehyun’s acting was actually really good, hope to see him in more dramas. I loved the ending, I love any drama that has a happy ending.

  5. The ending was honestly very unexpected and I love it because of that very reason. Jaehyun’s acting is top notch. I wish he does more lead roles.

  6. Imagine if this show got caught up in the scandal and we never got to see it! I Loved it from the start to the finish.

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