Definitely Not Today (2021)


A homebody with social anxiety and a rebellious girl find mutual healing and salvation while on the run. Through each other, they find themselves again.

Mi Chong with social anxiety originally planned to end his useless life by the river, but was interrupted when he ended up saving a drowning girl. An accident a few days later made the two embark on a tragic escape. A series of unimaginable encounters entangled their destiny. At the same time, their two hearts gradually approached, finding sunshine and hope from each other.

Based on real cases of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate.

Original Network: Tencent Video; Youku;

Also known as: 今天不是最后一天定 公园没有年轻人 Jin Tian Bu Shi Zuì Hou Yi Tian Ding Gong Yuan Mei You Nian Qing Ren No Park For Young Men Today Is Not The Last Day


Status: Upcoming

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Definitely Not Today (2021) trailer

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