Destined to Meet You (2022) Episode 20

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3 Comments to “Destined to Meet You (2022) Episode 20

  1. This drama is nice, sweet and short it just that I feel like their story line was not complete. its like they jumped so much to the end, this 2 main lead characters saved the drama. they are both good actors and they fit well. I love how they changed the narrative and made the girl, the strong, independent and dominants one in the relationship. to show that today the world has changed and its ok for a girl to go after a guy, be independent and also be strong and it is also ok for a guy to be submissive, dependent and emotional as well. or either be equal. LOVE IT.

  2. I wish they would’ve spent more time making this drama. The story was great, but it was so short and everything happened so fast.

  3. This drama really had a lot of potentials. I wished the scenarios didn’t have a lot of holes in them. I guess you can’t really do much in a 10min episode. Haha! Nonetheless, I’m still enjoying it. I love how aggressive the girl is in this drama. LOL!

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